Act of Treason (3.5e Equipment)

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Author: DraconicMan (talk)
Date Created: 9/21/2014
Status: Incomplete
Editing: Revise as needed, this may even need to move sections
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Act of Treason[edit]

A quick mind altering drug.

Goblins are the base of all self destructiveness. Studying how goblins interact caused one mage to come up with the idea that if he could make his enemies like goblins, he would never have to fight again.

Type: Inhaled, or Injury

Initial Affect: This chemical reacts violently when 1 point of fire damage is dealt to it, causing it to act as a small explosive when the container breaks in order to spread as a gas, it deals 1d4 fire damage to anything within 10 feet. This forms a 15 foot radius of black-tinted smoke.

The area is completely filled in one round, but dissipates differently depending on the size of the room it's in:

  • In a room with a size that is less than 20 x 20 it dissipates in 6 rounds.
  • In a room greater than 20 x 20 it dissipates in 4 rounds.

It also may be applied to a weapon to cause infection (DC 30).

Secondary Affect: Any non-goblin creature within the smoke cloud must make a Fortitude save (DC 25) or become infected for 1d4 hours. After 1d4 rounds any affected creature has -2 to attack and AC. If an attack of an affected creature misses it will hit the closest ally if it is in range and within a 180° area of where the affected creature is facing. Out of combat, if a creature in range fails the Fortitude save they must make a Will save of 30 or become hostile and use deadly force toward a random ally.

Creation and Value[edit]

Per dose: DC 23 Craft (alchemy), Created from three liters of a dead goblin's blood. The Greater Command spell must be spoken over it while boiling it over the body of a traitor. 750 gp.

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