Adventuring Fighter (3.5e Alternate Class Feature)

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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 11-15-13
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Adventuring Fighter

Bring the fighter in line with the rest of the party. How is he expected to adventure if he doesn't have the skills and abilities needed?

Class: Fighter

Level: 1st, 3rd, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and every odd.

Replaces: Skill points and skill list, saving throws

Benefit: Let's be straight, the fighter is crippled (and purposefully so) to the point where barbarians and thieves make better guards than the guardsmen. The following is a straight power increase, and in the end the wizard will still be better. But they need it.

Skills: The fighter's skill list and skill points changes to the following;

(4 + Int modifier) Balance (Dex), Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Handle Animal (Cha), Heal (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (local) (Int), Knowledge (nobility) (Int), Listen (Wis), Perform (weapon drill) (Cha), Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), Spot (Wis), Survival (Wis), Swim (Str), and Tumble (Dex).

Martial Soul: The fighter's class level counts towards the initiator level of any martial classes or maneuvers he may know (such as from the Martial StudyToB feat or from multiclassing).

Variable Saves: At 1st level a fighter can choose to have either a good Reflex save or Will save, and his current and future fighter levels are changed accordingly. He retains a good Fortitude save as normal.

Weapon Apititude: The fighter gains the weapon apititude class feature of the warbladeToB.

Brave Determination: At 3rd level and every odd level beyond, he gains a +1 bonus on saves against mind-affecting effects.

Enhanced Warrior: At 5th level, any weapon a fighter uses counts as magic for the purposes of damage reduction and interacting with creatures such as ghosts.

Improved Weapon Aptitude: At 10th level, the fighter gains the Improved Weapon Aptitude feat. If they already have the feat or gain it later, they instead double the numerical bonuses provided by weapon-specific feats on their chosen weapon. For example, Weapon Focus (longsword) gives +2 to attack for longswords and +1 for everything else. This does not extend the critical range of Improved Critical.

Overbearing Warrior: At 15th level, whenever a fighter is faced with outright immunity to an attack he deals, he instead only faces resistance. He deals half damage to a creature which is normally immune. Thus a swarm that is immune to slashing attacks takes half damage from a sword instead. A poisoned knife against a poison-immune fiend must make the saving throw and takes half the poison's effect on a save (50% chance of working if the effect is not damage). A fire elemental takes half the damage from a fighter's flaming sword. And so forth. This also applies to things immune to critical hits, instead dealing half the critical damage. For x2 weapons this means nothing, but for x3 and greater multiplier weapons the critical hit still deals additional damage.

Artifact Warrior: At 20th level, any weapons, armor, or other items a fighter is wearing or using is considered an artifact. Its properties persist in an antimagic field and they cannot be destroyed as long as he wields them.

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