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Author: Zhenra-Khal (talk)
Date Created: 12/29/2018
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Animal Descriptor[edit]

A descriptor for spells and effects that alter, conjure, detect, or otherwise deal with animals. And vermin, because they should just be a subtype of Animal tbh.

SRD Effects with the Animal Descriptor[edit]


Homebrew Effects with the Animal Descriptor[edit]

  • Animal Cohort: 3.5e Spell — They laughed at your chicken animal companion, but then he turned into a ninja and they never laughed again.
  • Animal Convoking: 3.5e Spell — Like animal messenger, but rather than send a message it seeks out a target and brings them to you.
  • Anthropomorphize Animal: 3.5e Spell — Make an animal more humanoid.
  • Apocalyptic Swarm: 3.5e Spell — Recreate divine plagues, and ravage the land with an endless swarm of insects.
  • Baleform Burst: 3.5e Spell — This spell transforms several nearby targets into an animal of the caster's choosing for a short time.
  • Baleform Chain: 3.5e Spell — Channel polymorph magic through a cascade of enemies!
  • Bearpocalypse: 3.5e Spell — Infinite bear works! Summon ALL of the bears in a swarm within a huge area.
  • Brooke's Lupine Transformation: 3.5e Spell — This spell transform the user into a terrible wolf-like creature.
  • Cat Pile: 3.5e Spell — So many kittens! They're all so adorable! Crush your opponents under kittens, and make them fascinated.
  • Command Will of the Forest: 3.5e Spell — Cause a number of animals to take on your will and personality, though it does not impart direct control.
  • Cuttlefish Hypnotic Camouflage: 3.5e Spell — You take the camouflaging properties of a cuttlefish.
  • Diving Spider's Bubble: 3.5e Spell — Create a bubble of air on your head to breathe underwater.
  • Drillbee Infestation: 3.5e Spell — Summon a swarm of drill-tipped bees which bore into the bodies of those they injure and cause internal problems.
  • Frog Touch: 3.5e Spell — Reshape weak or weakened creature into harmless animal
  • Gnawing Maggots: 3.5e Spell — Causes ravenous maggots to sprout from the target's body, causing bloody lacerations.
  • Hivecraft: 3.5e Spell — You call bees from around the world to rapidly build structures for your benefit.
  • Hood of the Cobra: 3.5e Spell — Gain bonus on Intimidate checks and improve your ability to instill fear
  • Jaws: 3.5e Spell — Invoke a water shark that bites enemies into pieces.
  • Lesser Baleful Polymorph: 3.5e Spell — baleful polymorph's little sibling
  • Lesser Crown of Vermin: 3.5e Spell — It's not quite crown of vermin, but its close. A swarm of bugs acts both as shield and a weapon!
  • Maggot Storm: 3.5e Spell — You conjure a storm of ravenous maggots that lacerate the flesh of creatures in a large area.
  • Maw of the Predator: 3.5e Spell — You gain a powerful bite attack as your transform your head in the head of an animal.
  • Schizochroal: 3.5e Spell — You get freaky bug eyes, now you can see everything!
  • Seeker Bee: 3.5e Spell — Summon a ethereal honeybee that seeks out its target, then returns to you to rely instructions on how to get there.
  • Sharknado: 3.5e Spell — Create a dreadful tornado with elemental sharks swimming in it.
  • Skin to Bees: 3.5e Spell — Transform a creature's skin into bees. This is as deadly as you think.
  • Spitting Swarm: 3.5e Spell — This spell has two functions. One lets you spit forth summoned swarms. The other curses a target to spill swarms from their mouth.
  • Summon Biggest Fish: 3.5e Spell — Sometimes known as Jonahsbane, this spell summons a massive sea monster to devour your foes.
  • Summon Butterflies: 3.5e Spell — You conjure a swarm of harmless butterflies which fly away as soon as they are summoned
  • Summon Stray: 3.5e Spell — Summons a stray cat (or similar animal). No, you can't control it. It is useless.
  • Tearing Swarm: 3.5e Spell — Create a partially ethereal and partially watery swarm of piranhas.
  • Wall of Crabs: 3.5e Spell — Form a wall of crabs, providing a pinching danger to those passing by.
  • Wasp Rider: 3.5e Spell — Summon a giant wasp to ride upon into battle. Heck, put it in a higher spell slot and summon a swarm of them.

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