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Author: Locke (talk)
Date Created: 4/16/2019
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Antiquarian [General] You're of a scholarly disposition, having studied many ancient texts, encyclopedias, and a plethora of different tomes relating to different things.Prerequisites: Int 15Benefit: An Antiquarian may make a special knowledge check with a bonus equal to his HD + his Intelligence modifier to see whether he knows some relevant information about the subject, item, or location by recalling it from scholarly texts, ancient codexes, recorded mythos or epics, or archived records that they may have studied in their time as an Antiquarian. (If the Antiquarian has 5 or more ranks in Knowledge (history), he gains a +2 bonus on this check.)

Additionally, gain a +2 bonus to History and Appraise checks, and these skills are always class skills. The Appraise skill may now be used to identify magic items with a caster level equal to or less than your ranks in Knowledge (History) + your levels in caster classes. You do not need to have levels in a caster class in order to use this feat, it simply bolsters your knowledge of magic items. Special: If the Antiquarian already has Bardic Knowledge or a similar Lore type ability, gain a +2 bonus to those abilities.

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