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Author: Sulacu (talk)
Date Created: March 27, 2015
Status: Complete
Editing: Grelling and spammar only.
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A fictitious depiction of the legendary true Arcenciel.


Arcenciel uses the Functional Weapons of Legacy variant rule.

Price: 250 gp
Body Slot: Held
Caster Level: 20th
Aura: Strong universal (DC 30)
Activation: See Text
Weight: 3 lb

This oddly shaped harp has a mere seven strings, and yet in the hands of the right artiste it can replicate any tone desired. It appears mundane, if exceptionally garishly ornamented, but those with true talent and boundless self-expression can draw out this ancient instrument's latent power.

The harp known as Arcenciel is a bit of an enigma. It possesses only seven strings that seem ill-tuned to perform under normal circumstances. Technical musicians may strum the chords, and find that their fingers create noise with no rhyme or rhythm, and yet, the open mind of a true artiste, the joyful tears of love, the laments of a moneyless tramp and other heartfelt surges of emotion may elicit clear tones from this seemingly unplayable instrument. This gaudy-seeming harp goes entire lifetimes without encountering anyone capable of drawing out its power, but when it does, it assuredly brings about miracles.

Arcenciel was a divine gift to Man in ancient times, meant to give hope to the disparaged during an aeon of constant war, and ultimately to fight back against the evils that besieged the land of Ciel's favoured. Though at first it appears mundane, it is a magic item on its way to becoming an artifact. While it has a price, it cannot be completely destroyed. If reduced to 0 hp, it instead falls inert in a broken condition, and unable to be used until repaired, but is not destroyed as items usually are. It is treated as an artifact against the effects of mage's disjunction.

Omen: When its holder experiences intense emotion, the harp resonates, and the surrounding environment plays host to faint musical glamers of the corresponding colour. In fact, it is through the various emotions that human beings feel that the powers of Arcenciel are realized. While the ability to perform and regale others is important, a prospective wielder needs to experience a great many hardships in life to fully grasp the power this illustrious item holds.

Arcenciel's rituals correspond to the colors of the rainbow as well as the seven emotions, and are usually referred to as Colors.

Switching the active color of Arcenciel requires a Perform check depending on the color. The activation requires a standard action. Once a color is active, the abilities belonging to that color may be used. If a Perform check to activate a color exceeds the DC for the color by 20 points, it becomes a free action and the wielder may use the color's abilities right away.

All effects listed below are effectively spell-like abilities created through Arcenciel, equivalent to a spell with a level equal to the number of the color. Save DCs are Charisma-based. Those without a caster level use their number of ranks in Perform (string instruments) as effective caster level (to a maximum of their character level).

All Emanation-type abilities (see below) require a move-equivalent action to sustain every round. Only one emanation may be active at any one time.

1st Color (Red of Anger)[edit]

Activating Red of Anger requires a DC 15 Perform (string instruments) check. No two colors can be active at the same time.

Cutting Fury: Whenever you pluck Arcenciel's strings and pour in your desire to fight, you will manifest reddish energy into razorsharp strings that veer through the air and assault your chosen foe. You may make attacks with arcenciel as though it were a manufactured one-handed weapon, with an effective range of 30 feet. Arcenciel's 'fury' has a base damage of 1d8 and a critical modifier of 19-20/×2. It uses your Charisma bonus instead of Strength for the purpose of attack rolls and damage, and your Caster Level or ranks in Perform (string instruments) instead of your base attack bonus (if higher) for the purpose of making iterative attacks. The damage it deals is magical slashing. For the purpose of this ability, Arcenciel is treated as a magic weapon with a raw enhancement bonus to attack and damage equal to the number of colors you have completed.

If you have any other colors unlocked, you may use the following abilities in conjunction with your Cutting Fury even when not using the colors in question, though only one at a time:

Seething Rage: You may incite rage (as per the spell) in a single willing creature within 30 feet as a standard action at will. The effect requires no Concentration on your behalf, and lasts for 1 minute. Creatures that have been affected by this ability cannot be affected by it again for 1 hour.

Thorny Wrath: You gain the granted domain power of the Wrath domain, usable once per day.

Pre-Requisites: Perform (string instruments) 4 ranks. You must experience intense wrath, rage or anger over an event beyond your own control, such as the death of an ally or a great insult or humiliation brought onto you or your allies by another.

Cost: 6,500 gp, 260 XP.

2nd Color (Orange of Joy)[edit]

Activating Orange of Joy requires a DC 20 Perform (string instruments) check. No two colors can be active at the same time.

Dancing Joy: Emanation—While this color is active, you and every ally within a 15-foot-radius emanation centered on you gains concealment equal to 10% plus an additional 5% for every color that is unlocked, starting at 20%. When all colors are unlocked, the concealment becomes 50%.

Boundless Cheer: With a successful DC 20 Perform check as trigger, you may focus the power of joy upon a single target in range. If the target is an ally, it gains the effect of the greater heroism spell, further increasing the granted bonus by +1 for every 10 points the check result exceeds 20. If the target is an enemy, it must make a Will save at the start of every turn or be affected as per irresistible dance for the round, increasing the save DC by +1 for every 10 points the check result exceeds 20. This ability persists for as long as you focus on the target and keep playing.

Lilting Fury: Your Cutting Fury may be made dancing. While you're playing, Arcenciel will attack on its own, though using this expends a move action every round. The range of your Cutting Fury increases to 60 feet.

Pre-Requisites: Perform (string instruments) 7 ranks. You must experience true unbridled joy and happiness, such as immersing yourself in work you enjoy doing, or finding something you have been looking for and dreaming about forever.

Cost: 17,800 gp, 712 XP.

3rd Color (Yellow of Fright)[edit]

Activating Yellow of Fright requires a DC 25 Perform (string instruments) check. No two colors can be active at the same time.

Lurking Paranoia: Emanation—You tap into your creative mind to unleash unsettling illusions upon your foes, using the medium of music. You replicate the effect of paranoia haunt in a 30-foot emanation centered around you, affecting every enemy in range. The effect persists for as long as as this color is active, though fleeing out of the area of the emanation makes the apparition fade after 2 more rounds.

Fear of Death: With a successful DC 25 Perform check as trigger, you may replicate the effects of phantasmal killer as a standard action a number of times per day equal to the number of colors you have unlocked (starting at 3/day). Every 10 points the check result exceeds 25 increases the save DC by +1.

Daunting Fury: Your Cutting Fury becomes bane against creatures that are currently frightened, panicked or cowering.

Pre-Requisites: Perform (string instruments) 10 ranks. You must experience fear with every fibre of your being, such as facing a snarling beast of overwhelming and deadly power and living to tell about it, or facing your deepest phobias and conquering them.

Cost: 34,500 gp, 1,380 XP.

4th Color (Green of Envy)[edit]

Activating Green of Envy requires a DC 30 Perform (string instruments) check. No two colors can be active at the same time.

Jealous Mimicry: You may replicate the effects of memorize, and gain a floating spell slot to hold any spell you memorized. Instead of using Spellcraft, you draw understanding from the effect by virtue of your music, using your own Perform skill to identify the spell. Even if you only have partial or no spellcasting, the floating spell slot may hold a memorized spell of a level up to half your effective caster level (rounded down). Otherwise, casting a memorized spell is done with the same limitations as per the memorize spell.

Ballad of Ill Will: If you can't have it, nobody can. With a successful DC 30 Perform check as trigger, you may replicate the effects of a targeted greater dispel magic upon a hostile target. Furthermore, you may instead opt to steal one of the effects you successfully dispelled and confer it upon either yourself or an ally within 30 feet. For every 10 points the check result exceeds 30, you may steal an additional effect.

Severing Fury: Your Cutting Fury severs its target from its own magical power. Whenever you successfully hit a creature with Arcenciel's attack, roll a 1d4. The target loses one spell slot of the same level as the roll result. If the creature has no spells of that level, a spell slot of the highest level available below the roll result is lost. Lost spell slots are effectively spent for the day, and come back next time a spellcaster prepares or meditates for spells.

With every subsequent color unlocked the die rolled to check what level spell slot gets drained increases, to a d6 at 5 colors, a d8 at 6 colors, and a d10 at 7 colors. If the d10 comes up 10, instead drain two spell slots of the highest level the creature possesses.

Pre-Requisites: Perform (string instruments) 13 ranks. You must experience avarice and envy so profound that you can taste your very gall in your own mouth, such as being stood up for a promotion you had always desired, or seeing a friend ascend to some kind of heights of achievement you had always dreamed of.

Cost: 48,000 gp, 1,920 XP.

5th Color (Blue of Obsession)[edit]

Activating Blue of Obsession requires a DC 35 Perform (string instruments) check. Only two colors can be active at the same time.

Sonorous Focus: Emanation—Within a 30-foot-radius emanation centered on you, a sonorous hum effect is channeled for you and your allies. In this area, any Concentration checks to maintain effects automatically succeed, and for any other purpose all Concentration checks are made with a +10 circumstance bonus.

Manic Lullaby: Emanation—With a successful DC 35 Perform check as trigger, your fingers pluck Arcenciel's strings to release a hauntingly beautiful melody that forces all enemies that hear it within to make a Will save or become fascinated as long as the music persists. For every 10 feet of distance between you and an enemy creature, that creature gains a cumulative +1 circumstance bonus to its saving throw. For every 10 points your check result exceeds 35, the save DC of this effect increases by +1.

Persistent Fury: Your Cutting Fury autonomously hounds a single target of your choice. As a standard action, it may be made to manifest as a blue sword floating through the air, moving with a hover speed of 40 ft. and perfect maneuverability. It will try its utmost to chase and attack the chosen target, and is immune to any and all damage, though a successful dispel check stops the effect. You need not expend any concentration or actions to maintain this effect, beyond the first.

Pre-Requisites: Perform (string instruments) 16 ranks. You must experience what it feels like to lose yourself in your obsessions, such as being consumed with the desire to understand some riddle or conundrum that has eluded you forever, or being singlemindedly focused on something, like duty or vengeance, to the point of obsessive compulsion.

Cost: 72,000 gp; 2,880 XP.

6th Color (Indigo of Love)[edit]

Activating Indigo of Love requires a DC 40 Perform (string instruments) check. Only two colors can be active at the same time.

Hymn of Allegiance: Emanation—Any creature within 30 feet of you that shares the same goal as you is automatically affected as per the greater heroism spell. This effect persists while this color is active.

Hymn of Devotion: With a successful DC 40 Perform check as trigger, you may ensnare the heart of a creature in audible range as a standard action. This functions as charm monster, except the effect is even more profound. If a creature fails its save against the effect, they immediately become devoted to you, protecting you and attacking your enemies to the best of their ability, even to the point of taking lethal attacks that were meant for you. Creatures gain no bonus to saving throws for being threatened while the effect occurs. There needs not be a shared language between you and the target, and you do not have to make opposed Charisma checks except if you give the target suicidal or obviously harmful orders.

This effect persists for one day per level, though only one hymn of devotion may be active at any one time. If you use hymn of devotion again, any currently affected creatures return to normal. For every 10 points your check result exceeds 40, your hymn of devotion may be made to affect one additional creature.

Hymn of Fury: Your Cutting Fury gains the vulnerable quality.

Pre-Requisites: Perform (string instruments) 19 ranks. You must experience true love.

Cost: 105,000 gp; 4,200 XP.

7th Color (Purple of Suffering)[edit]

Activating Purple of Suffering requires a DC 45 Perform (string instruments) check. Only two colors can be active at the same time.

Final Requiem: Three times per day, with a successful DC 45 Perform check as trigger, you may replicate the effects of wail of the banshee as a standard action. For every 10 points your check result exceeds 45, the save DC of this ability increases by +1.

Lament of Resurrection: You may replicate the effect of true resurrection at will, with no material component, though you pay 2,500 XP worth of your own life force in tribute. The casting time for this ability is 1 hour.

Lament of Fury: Your Cutting Fury rends the target's very soul. Every successful attack inflicts 1 negative level upon the target.

Pre-Requisites: Perform (string instruments) 22 ranks. You must experience the feeling of losing something so precious you would have given your own life to protect it.

Cost: 140,000 gp; 5,600 XP.

True Arcenciel: Unity of Seven[edit]

Those select few individuals who mastered themselves, and managed to, in their lifetime, unlock all 7 colors of Arcenciel may chance at unlocking its true form. Using melodies from all Seven Colours of human emotion, you may attempt to ascend Arcenciel's to its true form. If you manage to succeed in a DC 70 Perform (string instruments) check, all seven colours will emerge from the world around you, pouring into Arcenciel's body to change it into its fully realized form; a crescent of scintillating seven-coloured energy solidified into harp form. You may attempt such a performance once per week, and the resulting performance, whether success or failure, requires 1 hour of time. Only the one who unlocked the colors and united them together is able to use the true Arcenciel.

With Arcenciel complete, you may use all its seven colors concurrently, though you can still only use one emanation granted by Arcenciel's colors at once.

The True Arcenciel grants access to a unique sphere of magic as listed below.

Prism Sphere[edit]

Special: You are immune to the blinding and dazzling conditions, and your Cutting Fury automatically releases one color of the prismatic edge upon any target struck (once per round, chosen randomly).

Level – Benefit

Prerequisites: See above.
Cost to Create: Unique item, cannot be created.

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