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Aristocrat is a Group Patron in 5th edition, described in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything.

Unofficial Summary: Lesser nobility, high officials, powerful merchant houses

Types of Aristocrat[edit]

Aristocrat Type
d6 Aristocrat Types
1 Local Lord
2 Merchant Mastermind
3 Nomadic Princeling
4 Double Dealer
5 Ambitious Entepeneur
6 Future Ruler

Aristocrat Perks[edit]

With an aristocrat as your group's patron, you gain the following perks.


Aristocrat Contact[edit]

Aristocrat Contact
d6 Contact
1 Common Contact.
2 Professional.
3 Family Peacemaker.
4 Intimate Connection.
5 Outside Insider.
6 Outsider Inside.

Aristocrat Retainers[edit]

Aristocrat Retainers Roles
Role Backgrounds
Advisor Acolyte, Charlatan, Folk Hero, Hermit, Sage
Bodyguard Criminal, Folk Hero, Noble, Outlander, Soldier
Informant Charlatan, Criminal, Entertainer, Sailor, Urchin
House Staff Entertainer, Guild Artisan, Sailor, Soldier, Urchin
Messenger Charlatan, Entertainer, Outlander, Sailor, Urchin
Family Scion Any

Aristocrat Quests[edit]

Aristocrat Quests
d6 Quest
1 Noble Union.
2 Business Breakthrough.
3 Sabotage Rival.
4 Lost Lineage.
5 Origin of Nobility.
6 The New Nobility.

Sources and Notes[edit]

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Agent NameRetainers +
AgentsAdvisor, Bodyguard, Informant, House Staff, Messenger, Family Scion +
AuthorTasha's Cauldron of Everything +
Canontrue +
ContactCommon Contact, Professional, Family Peacemaker, Intimate Connection, Outside Insider, Outsider Inside +
PerksExpenes, Immunity, Luxury, Salary +
PublicationTasha's Cauldron of Everything +
QuestsNoble Union, Business Breakthrough, Sabotage Rival, Lost Lineage, Origin of Nobility, The New Nobility +
SummaryLesser nobility, high officials, powerful merchant houses +
TypesLocal Lord, Merchant Mastermind, Nomadic Princeling, Double Dealer, Ambitious Entepeneur, Future Ruler +