Armor of Thorns (3.5e Equipment)

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Author: Sulacu (talk)
Date Created: November 21, 2016
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Armor of Thorns.png
The armor of the Knight of Thorns.

Armor of Thorns[edit]

This suit of blackened plate and mail-backed leather is festooned with sharp, jagged spikes designed to make any foe think twice before daring to attack.

Armor of Thorns (Medium)
Size Humanoid
Weight Hit
Small 3800 gp 7600 gp +4 20 lb. 40
Medium 3800 gp 7600 gp +4 40 lb. 40
Non-Standard Sizes
Fine 1900 gp 3800 gp +3 4 lb. 40
Diminutive 1900 gp 3800 gp +3 4 lb. 40
Tiny 1900 gp 3800 gp +3 4 lb. 40
Large 7600 gp 15200 gp +4 80 lb. 40
Huge 15200 gp 30400 gp +4 200 lb. 40
Gargantuan 30400 gp 60800 gp +4 320 lb. 40
Colossal 60800 gp 121600 gp +4 480 lb. 40
Dex Bonus
Armor Check
Arcane Spell
+3 -3 25% 10
Base 20 ft. 30 ft. 40 ft. 50 ft. 60 ft. 70 ft. 80 ft. 90 ft. 100 ft.
Armored 15 ft. 20 ft. 30 ft. 35 ft. 40 ft. 50 ft. 55 ft. 60 ft. 70 ft.
Don Don Hastily Remove
4 minutes1 1 minute  1 minute1
  1. If the character has some help, cut this time in half. A single character doing nothing else can help one or two adjacent characters. Two characters can't help each other don armor at the same time.

Once worn by a group of warriors that stole the souls of their slain enemies. Every part of this armor seems in some way designed to bring harm to those around it. However, due to this heavy emphasis on offense in its construction, the breastplate itself is lacking in terms of protection compared to other, more conventional plate armors. The armor of thorns is fashioned from crude black iron and standardly contains armor spikes. Both the armor of thorns and its spikes are always masterwork; price and benefits are subsumed in the above statistics.

The armor of thorns grants the following benefits when worn, on top of its general protective capabilities:

Craft (armorsmithing and blacksmithing) DC 29. Market Price 3,800 gp.

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Arcane Spell Failure25% +
Armor Bonus+4 +
Armor Check-3 +
AuthorSulacu +
Cost3800 gp +
Craft DC29 +
Identifier3.5e Equipment +
Max Dex Bonus+3 +
RatingUndiscussed +
SummaryAn armor festooned with sharp spikes that will hurt anyone close by. +
TitleArmor of Thorns +
TypeMedium +
Weight40 lb. +