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Author: Leziad (talk)
Date Created: 14th October 2015
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Artifact Weapon [Fighter] Prerequisites: 1st level only or Bab +3Benefit: You gain a single masterwork weapon which act as an artifact weapon bound to you (or choose an already existing one). The weapon can be enhanced further and you count as having the appropriated magic item creation feat required, but only for the purpose of enhancing your artifact weapon. The weapon is treated as an artifact for some purposes, it cannot be dispelled and is not suppressed in an an antimagic field (or similar circumstance) and it cannot be completely destroyed. If reduced to 0 hp, it instead falls inert in a broken condition, and unable to be used until repaired, but is not destroyed as items usually are.

Finally choose one of the following ability from the following list:

  • Accurate: Once per encounter, you may reroll a single missed attack roll made with your Artifact Weapon. This is a free action which may be used outside of your turn.
  • Aligned Force: Choose an alignment, it does not need to match your own. Your artifact weapon count as that alignment for the purpose of bypassing damage reduction and regeneration. It it already count as such or is enhanced to, it instead deal an additional 1d6 damage against creature of it opposed alignment. If a creature that isn't you wield your weapon, if their alignment does not match the weapon's own alignment the weapon immediately start burning (as per heat metal). The fire damage dealt by the weapon burning is half fire and half divine damage.
  • Bane of a Kind: Choose a Ranger's Favored Enemy type, attacks made against creature of that type with your artifact weapon count as being made with a weapon's enhancement +1 higher than normal. Additionally your artifact weapon glow like a candle when a creature of the favored enemy type is within 1000 ft and like a torch if it is within 100 feet. You may resume or suppress this ability as a free action.
  • Elemental Alignment: Choose an Energy Type, the Artifact Weapon deal 1d6 extra damage of the chosen type. The Artifact Weapon gain a 10% discount on any enhancements which deal the chosen energy damage.
  • Forsaken: Your artifact weapon in invisible to all other creatures while it is not being wielded, this is only fooled by true seeing. Similarly spells of the divination school (or effect replicating them) whose level is lower than half your character level (maximum 9th) do not detect the presence of your artifact weapon. If lost or stolen, you will find the weapon the next day as it is destined to be yours.
  • Possessed: The weapon is intelligent, possessing a single Psicrystal's Personality (which you benefits from). You may add the Intelligent enhancement to the weapon for a +1 cost instead of +2.
  • Recall: By speaking the name of your artifact weapon you can recall it to your hand with the same action it would take for you to draw it, this ability has unlimited range but do not cross planar boundaries. As a full-round action you may recall your artifact weapon from anywhere, including through planar boundaries or another creature's possession.
  • Sharp: The weapon is extremely sharp, ignoring a number of points of DR (except DR/-) or hardness equal to your BAB. The Artifact Weapon gain a 10% discount on any enhancements which improve it critical threat, deal slashing damage or improve it sharpness.
  • Vampiric: The first time in a round you deal damage with your Artifact Weapon you heal 1/2 the damage dealt in hit point, to a maximum of your character level. If the damage was more than enough to kill the target, any excess damage doesn’t count toward the amount healed.

Special: This feat counts as Weapon Focus for the purpose of meeting prerequisites. You may take this feat multiple time, each time granting a new ability to your artifact weapon. If the weapon is permanently lost or destroyed, you may change this feat for Weapon Focus or attempt to restore you artifact weapon with a quest or a wish.

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