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(65 official and unofficial Artificer Infused Magic Items)

NamePrerequisiteItemAttunementChargesMagic BonusCanonAuthor
Alchemy Jug2nd Level ArtificerJugtrueDungeon Master's Guide (5e)
Amulet of Health14th-level ArtificerAn ammulettruetrueSRD5
Arcane Propulsion Arm14th-level ArtificertruetrueEberron Rising from the Last War
Armblade2nd-level ArtificerA simple or martial weapon with the thrown propertytruetrueWayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Bag of Holding2nd level ArtificerBagtrueSRD5
Belt of Giant Strength14th-level ArtificerA belttruetrueSRD5
Boots of Elvenkind6th-level ArtificerA pair of bootstrueSRD5
Boots of Levitation14th-level ArtificerA pair of bootstruetrueSRD5
Boots of Speed14th-level ArtificerA pair of bootstruetrueSRD5
Boots of Striding and Springing10th-level ArtificerA pair of bootstruetrueSRD5
Boots of the Winding Path6th-level artificerA pair of bootstruetrueWayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Boots of the Winterlands10th-level ArtificerA pair of bootstruetrueSRD5
Bracers of Archery10th-level ArtificerA pair of bracerstruetrueSRD5
Bracers of Defense14th-level ArtificerA pair of bracerstruetrueSRD5
Brooch of Shielding12th-level ArtificerA broochtruetrueSRD5
Cap of Water Breathing2nd level ArtificerHattrueDungeon Master's Guide (5e)
Cloak of Elvenkind6th-level ArtificerA pair of bootstruetrueSRD5
Cloak of Protection10th-level ArtificerA cloaktruetrueSRD5
Cloak of the Bat14th-level ArtificerA cloaktruetrueSRD5
Cloak of the Manta Ray6th level ArtificerCloaktrueSRD5
Dimensional Shackles14th-level ArtificerA pair of shacklestrueSRD5
Enhanced Arcane FocusA rod, staff, or wandtruetrueWayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Enhanced DefenseA suit of armor or shield +1, +2trueWayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Enhanced WandA wandtrue +1, +2trueUA Artificer2 2019
Enhanced WeaponA simple or martial weapontrue +1, +2trueWayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Eyes of Charming6th-level artificerFlat crystalstrue3trueSRD5
Eyes of the Eagle10th-level artificerTwo flat crystalstruetrueSRD5
Gauntlets of Ogre Power10th-level artificerA pair of gauntletstruetrueSRD5
Gem of Seeing14th-level Artificer1 gemtrue3trueSRD5
Gloves of Missile Snaring10th-level artificerA pair of glovestruetrueSRD5
Gloves of Swimming and Climbing10th-level artificerA pair of glovestruetrueSRD5
Gloves of Thievery6th-level ArtificerA pair of glovestrueDungeon Master's Guide (5e)
Goggles of Night2nd level ArtificerGogglestrueSRD5
Hat of Disguise10th-level artificerA hattruetrueSRD5
Headband of Intellect10th-level artificerA headbandtruetrueSRD5
Helm of Telepathy10th-level artificerA helmtruetrueSRD5
Homunculus ServantA gem worth at least 100gp or a dragonshardtrueWayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Horn of Blasting14th-level ArtificerA musical horntrueSRD5
Lantern of Revealing6th level ArtificerLanterntrueSRD5
Many-Handed Pouch4th-level artificer2–5 pouchesUA Artificer2 2019
Medallion of Thoughts10th-level artificerA medalliontrue3trueSRD5
Periapt of Wound Closure10th-level artificerA pendanttruetrueSRD5
Pipes of Haunting6th-level artificerMusical pipes (wind)3trueSRD5
Pipes of the Sewers10th-level ArtificerMusical pipes3trueSRD5
Prosthetic Limba creature missing some or all of a limbtruetrueEberron Rising from the Last War
Quiver of Ehlonna10th-level ArtificerA quivertrueDungeon Master's Guide (5e)
Radiant Weapon6th-level artificerA simple or martial weapontrue +1trueWayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Repeating ShotA simple or martial weapon with the ammunition propertytrue +1trueWayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Repulsion Shield6th-level artificerA shieldtrue4 +1trueWayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Resistant Armor6th-level artificerA suit of armortruetrueWayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Returning WeaponA simple or martial weapon with the thrown property +1trueWayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Ring of Free Action14th-level ArtificerA ringtruetrueSRD5
Ring of Jumping10th-level ArtificerA ringtruetrueSRD5
Ring of Mind Shielding10th-level ArtificerA ringtruetrueSRD5
Ring of Protection14th-level ArtificerA ringtruetrueSRD5
Ring of Water Walking6th-level ArtificerA ringtrueSRD5
Ring of the Ram14th-level ArtificerA ringtrue3trueSRD5
Rope of Climbing2nd level ArtificerRopetrueSRD5
Sending Stones2nd level Artificer2 stonestrueDungeon Master's Guide (5e)
Slippers of Spider Climbing10th-level ArtificerA pair of slipperstruetrueSRD5
Ventilating LungtruetrueEberron Rising from the Last War
Wand Sheath6th-level ArtificertruetrueWayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Wand of Magic Detection2nd level ArtificerA wand3trueSRD5
Wand of Secrets2nd level ArtificerA wand3trueSRD5
Winged Boots10th-level ArtificerA pair of bootstruetrueSRD5