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Author: Undead_Knave (talk)
Date Created: June 27,2021
Status: This was originally going to be SD:Evo
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Artillery Spell [Metamagic] Benefit: You can cast damaging area spells as Artillery spells. Artillery spells can be supported by any additional number of casters with a caster level at least equal to the unmodified level of the spell. You combine the caster level of all casters to determine the range, use the highest caster level of any individual caster for the purpose of damage, and use your numbers for any other aspect of the spell (such as DCs or feats). Additionally you can channel spells as noted below. Each channeling requires a number of channelings of the type listed equal to the spell level. Each additional caster reduces the number of channelings required (removing Lesser channelings first) to a minimum of 1 channeling of each type chosen. An Artillery spell takes a spell slot 1 higher than normal.

Channel: Artillery spells can be channeled in the following ways.

  • Lesser: The artillery spell counts as a siege effect, allowing it to deal full damage to objects and not get reduced before Hardness.
  • Greater: Increase the range increment of the spell by one step (Close to Medium to Long to One Mile to One Mile/2 caster levels). This may be applied multiple times.

Example: You and your artillery mage squad want to drop a fireball in the middle of the enemy camp. You have 4 casters with a combined caster level of 21. You decide that getting closer than a mile away is an unsafe situation for you all, so decide to channel to make it an artillery spell (3-2=1 Lesser channelings) with an increased range (3-1=2 Greater channelings). It takes 5 minutes to cast the spell and deals 8d6 damage because highest CL in the squad is 8, but still uses your normal DC for Reflex save because you are the caster.Normal: You don't have to deal with these complications, but you also can't drop a fireball on a city on the horizon.

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