Aspect of the Firefly (3.5e Feat)

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Author: ThunderGod Cid (talk)
Date Created: October 24, 2009
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Aspect of the Firefly [Hivemaster] Prerequisites: Aspect of the Vermin class featureBenefit: You gain benefits based on your hivemaster level.

3: Your body emits bright light at will at your whim. As a free action that can only be taken during your turn (but thusly does not count as a used swift action), you may radiate bright light that extends for 20 feet as an light spell and, if you wish, dazzles anyone within 60 feet with no save. Sightless creatures or creatures already dazzled are immune to this effect.

7: The light coming from your body is capable of striking awe into all who look upon it. Creatures dazzled by your light must now also succeed at a Fortitude save or be fascinated.

11: Your bioluminescence shines even brighter, now functioning as a daylight spell, and creatures within 60 feet are now blinded if they fail a Fortitude save. This ability succeeds the fascination effect, although it can still be used without blinding the targets.

15: As a full-round action, you may collect all the bioluminescent chemicals in your body for a single, supercharged display of light. This attack is identical to a sunburst spell centered on you, except that the save against blindness is a Fortitude save instead of a Reflex save. If you use this ability, however, you cannot use any of the abilities afforded by this feat for at least 8 hours as the light-producing chemicals in your body are spent.

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