Aspect of the Predator Wasp (3.5e Feat)

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Author: Mock Turtle (talk)
Date Created: March 7, 2010
Status: Done
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Aspect of the Predator Wasp [Hivemaster, Symbiotic] Prerequisites: Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the Tarantula Wasp, Aspect of the SpiderBenefit: [Symbiotic] feats increase the effectiveness of your other [Hivemaster] feats. For your aspect of the tarantula wasp and spider feats, you are considered to have one more level in hivemaster. You also gain additional benefits based on your hivemaster level.

4: The wasps that buzz around you violently hunt the spiders that skitter across your skin, killing them without mercy. In turn, the spiders grow more resilient against the wasps attacks, till they can actually hunt them in turn, and feed a vicious circle as the two groups grow steadily more and more perfect at killing. In turn, you slowly start taking on their traits as they change and grow. To accompany your stinger and bite attacks from their prospective feats, your grow two claws that deal damage according to the table below. These are secondary natural attacks, and are in addition to any claw attacks you might already have (you would have 4 claw attacks if you already had 2 claw attacks when you gained this benefit).

9: You gain long, thin, brightly rust colored wings, granting you a flight speed equal to your base land speed, at average manueverability. If you already had a flight speed, then instead that flight speed improves by one maneuverability category. This flight speed can be used in conjunction with the spider climb effect that is continually active on you due to the aspect of the spider feat, allowing you to get to some creative places.

14: Your weapons have evolved to be more and more like the disgusting creatures that cover your skin, and now drip with venom and toxic fluids, that could leave any living thing barely alive, as you tear through them without mercy. The stinger attack you gained from the aspect of the tarantula wasp feat now delivers the dex damage venom that the aspect of the spider feat gives to your bite attack. Also, the bite attack you gained from the aspect of the spider feat now delivers the paralytic venom that the aspect of the tarantula wasp feat gives to your stinger attack. This is in addition to the venoms that these weapons already delivered, and so, both weapons now deliver both kinds of venom.

19: The hunting grounds that are your every facet have grown cluttered with death. Wasps hanging, entangled in thick webs whose makers have been devoured, leaving behind empty husks, as vermin entrails slide wetly across your own exoskeleton, and you drip the blood of insects everywhere you go. Now, jolts of the dark energies that once caused you pain, race into the corpses of the spiders and wasps that litter your body, and make them stir again, just so that they can give their life for you once more. You are now considered to be an undead creature when being targetted by negative energies.

Special: A character can only have a number of [Symbiotic] feats equal to the number of times that they have gained the Aspect of the Vermin class feature.

Table: Hivemaster Claw Attacks
Type Size
Fine Diminutive Tiny Small Medium Large Huge Gargantuan Colossal
Claw 1 1d2 1d3 1d4 1d6 1d8 2d6 3d6 4d6

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SummaryThe interaction between the wasps that grip your skin day and night, and the spiders that crawl repulsively across you, has led to each kingdom growing more and more violent, till they are both kingdoms of perfect killing machines. +
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