Aspect of the Spider (3.5e Feat)

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Author: ThunderGod Cid (talk)
Date Created: February 14, 2010
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Aspect of the Spider [Hivemaster] Prerequisites: Aspect of the Vermin class featureBenefit: You gain bonuses based on your hivemaster level.

3: You gain a bonus on Jump checks equal to your hivemaster level. Your mouth also twists into an insectoid mandible, granting you a bite attack which deals damage according to the table below. This bite is a primary natural weapon; if you have a bite attack from another Hivemaster feat, increase the damage of the bite by one size category. If you have a different bite attack, use whichever bite attack is better.

7: Your bite is venomous, dealing 1d8 Dexterity damage on a failed Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 your hivemaster level + your Constitution modifier). You are also treated as if permanently under the effect of a spider climb spell, which cannot be dispelled.

11: Your jumping distance is no longer limited by your height, and if you desire your jump distance is automatically doubled after you roll a Jump check. You also have the ability to create a web a number of times per day equal to your Constitution modifier. This web is similar to attacking with a net, but has a range increment of 10 feet and a maximum range of 10 feet per hivemaster level.

An entangled creature can escape with a successful Escape Artist check or burst the web with a Strength check. The check DCs are both equal to 10 + 1/2 your level + your Constitution modifier. The web has a number hit points equal to your HD and hardness 0. There is a 75% chance that the webbing will not burn if any sort of fire is applied to it (check each round).

15: Spiders are always the hunter, never the hunted. You are now under a permanent freedom of movement effect.

Table: Hivemaster Natural Attacks
Type Size
Fine Diminutive Tiny Small Medium Large Huge Gargantuan Colossal
Proboscis 1 1d2 1d3 1d4 1d6 1d8 2d6 3d6
Pincers/Claw 1 1d2 1d3 1d4 1d6 1d8 2d6 3d6 4d6
Gore 1 1d2 1d3 1d4 1d6 1d8 2d6 3d6 4d6
Bite 1 1d2 1d3 1d4 1d6 1d8 2d6 3d6 4d6
Stinger 1d2 1d3 1d4 1d6 1d8 2d6 3d6 4d6 6d6

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