Bafoon (3.5e Monster)

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Author: Bhu (talk)
Date Created: 10/21/2014
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Size/Type: Medium Magical Beast
Hit Dice: 5d10+5 (32 hp)
Initiative: +6
Speed: 40 ft. (8 squares), Climb 30 ft.
Armor Class: 15 (+2 Dex, +3 Natural), touch 12, flat-footed 13
Base Attack/Grapple: +5/+7
Attack: Bite +7 melee (1d6+2)
Full Attack: Bite +7 melee (1d6+2)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: Riddle
Special Qualities: Darkvision 60'
Saves: Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +3
Abilities: Str 15, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 14
Skills: Bluff +7, Climb +10, Hide +7, Intimidate +7, Listen +7, Move Silently +7, Sense Motive +6, Spot +6
Feats: Ability Focus (Riddle), Improved Initiative
Environment: Warm Plains
Organization: Solitary, Pair, or Troop (10-40)
Challenge Rating: 4
Treasure: Standard
Alignment: Always Chaotic Neutral
Advancement: 6-10 HD (Medium)
Level Adjustment: ---

"What do you call a zipper on a banana?"

"Monkeys gotta die Bert."

"Now Abner..."

"Don't now me. That monkeys evil. The zipper reference was a dead give away."

Bafoons are enchanted Baboons that can speak Common, and know a seemingly endless supply of riddles. Unfortunately the consequences of trying to answer their riddles and failing is not what most people would consider acceptable. They also happen to be thieving bastards and will quite willingly rob a party blind of food and shiny objects. It's assumed, as usual, that a mage is responsible for their creation. Although God knows what for, as they make sucky guards.


Bafoons prefer to use their Riddles at first, running for help if a party seems tough. After all it's easier to take them on when you have a few dozen friends willing to help.

Riddle(Su): The Bafoon is adept at cursing people, and it disguises this as a riddle. They have successfully convinced the locals that anyone failing to answer a Bafoons riddle is cursed. In reality the Bafoon can curse people at will as a Supernatural Ability. The Bafoon may choose to mimic the effects of one of the following spells when cursing an individual if they fail a DC 16 Will Save: Bestow Curse, Confusion, Contagion, or Crushing Despair.

Skills: Bafoons get a +8 Racial Bonus to Climb Checks, and may Always Take 10 on a Climb Check.

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Facts about "Bafoon (3.5e Monster)"
AlignmentAlways Chaotic Neutral +
AuthorBhu +
Challenge Rating4 +
EnvironmentWarm Plains +
Identifier3.5e Monster +
Level Adjustment--- +
RatingUndiscussed +
SizeMedium +
TitleBafoon +
TypeMagical Beast +