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Author: Sulacu (talk)
Date Created: August 2, 2017
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Bag of the Cosmos[edit]

Bags of the Cosmos are leftover priceless treasures from aeons long past, when beings of frightening power roamed the material plane. These garishly patterned and jeweled bags look like little more than a rich man's coinpurse, but like a bag of holding, the inside is far more capacious than the outside would suggest. In fact, a Bag of the Cosmos' pocket dimension is so vast that it can store mountains and contain lakes. Even then, these bags, wrought by the greatest of ancient civilizations, are still only a pale imitation of the 'true' Bag of the Cosmos created by the Gods of old, which was said to contain an entire universe inside.

While the precise dimensions of the demiplane inside of a Bag of the Cosmos tend to fluctuate, it contains a safe space of at least 10 by 10 by 10 miles within. Once the bag acknowledges an owner, either through destiny or knowledge of magic or planes, he or she is capable of storing and retrieving objects from within the bag by mental command. With a mere thought and a touch to the bag, any unattended object or willing creature touched can be instantly stored in a chosen area within the bag. Likewise, the owner needs merely to touch the bag and think of a specific creature or object inside to draw it out, either in hand or within an adjacent space large enough to hold it.

Storing or producing items of Large size or smaller requires a swift action. Likewise, Huge items require a standard action, Gargantuan items require a 1-round action, and Colossal or larger items require 1 round per each 30 feet of its largest dimension, rounded up. Unattended objects that are affixed to ground, walls or ceilings take twice as long to store, with a minimum of 1 full round, and usually take a portion of foundation or surrounding architecture along in the displacement.

Inside a Bag of the Cosmos[edit]

The dimension inside of a Bag of the Cosmos is standardly barren, with the following standard planar traits:

  • Finite: roughly 10 by 10 by 10 miles.
  • Objective directional gravity (down).
  • Normal time.
  • Magically morphic with respects to the magic of the bag only, alterable morphic in regards to everyone and everything else.
  • Mildly neutral-aligned.

Standardly, the inside of the bag of the cosmos is featureless, with dimensional walls unfixed in form and colour and emitting light akin to a dim sky. To the owner's wishes, the inside of the bag can be made pitch black, or sport a blue sky not unlike the Material Plane, or assume any kind of color or patterning. The bag of the cosmos doesn't naturally contain life-sustaining matter. If the Bag of the Cosmos is to safely house living creatures (which it can) then things such as breathable air and drinkable water must be brought inside. For such life to be able to survive long term, the insides of the bag need to contain a viable and self-contained ecosystem of flore and fauna, potentially including an energy source that performs the functions of a sun, as well as weather or other forms of irrigation. If such things are desired, they must either be brought into the bag as a whole, or be introduced through painstaking terraforming efforts.

Note that in the case of a Bag of the Cosmos encountered in a specific campaign, the DM may first wish to conceive the existing layout, properties and contents of the demiplane inside.

Unlike ordinary bags of holding, a Bag of the Cosmos is not so easily destroyed. Blade and spell cannot damage it, and exposure to portable holes, gate spells and other interdimensional apertures have no effect on a Bag of the Cosmos. Even in the event that a Bag of the Cosmos is somehow destroyed, the demiplane that it connects to remains in existence.

If the bag's relative spatial and dimensional coordinates are known, it is possile to plane shift into or out of the bag even when it is closed.

Special uses of the Bag of the Cosmos[edit]

Once an owner of a Bag of the Cosmos gets really skilled in its use, he or she may unlock specific special usages, as follows. In Pathfinder, the rank requirements below are reduced by 3.

  • With a minimum of 15 ranks of Knowledge (arcana) or Knowledge (the planes), the owner may take a projection of the Bag of the Cosmos along into the bag itself, allowing its use and manipulation even while inside of the bag's dimensional space.
  • With a minimum of 15 ranks of Knowledge (arcana) or Knowledge (the planes), the owner may attempt to 'store' or release unwilling creatures or attended objects, though such creatures or objects may make a Will save (DC 20 + the owner's highest mental ability score bonus) to resist the effect.
  • With a minimum of 25 ranks of Knowledge (arcana) or Knowledge (the planes), the owner may change the gravity effects inside the bag. He may choose to apply the following gravity traits: No gravity, light gravity, heavy gravity, subjective directional gravity, as well as gravity focused on a specific point.

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