Better Full Attacks (3.5e Variant Rule)

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Author: MisterSinister (talk)
Date Created: 27/06/12
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Better Full Attacks


Full attacking is something which is really important for melee (and ranged) non-magical types in the later stages of the game. However, it is incredibly difficult to use, as full-round actions are very limiting in your maneuverability, and are easily debuffed (consider slow, for example). This means that high-level nonmagical types are robbed more and more as the levels rise, which given that they don't exactly get much from those levels anyway, seems more than a little unfair. It also biases choices towards archery, as it's much easier to get near (and stay near) a viable target at 100+ft as opposed to 5ft or so.

We need to do something to make full attacking better and most importantly easier.

Rule Mechanics[edit]

A full attack is a standard action. Happy birthday, fighters.

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