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Author: Primordial Elder Dragon (talk)
Date Created: 09/1/19
Status: 99% Complete, but may need to tweek things.
Editing: Spelling and grammar only
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Biotic Vanguard [Xenotheric, Psionic] Who needs bullets or arrows when you know the way of the Bionic Vanguard? YOU ARE THE BULLET.Prerequisites: Biotic Initiate, 6 HD, Con 18Benefit: By learning and experimenting with the ways your Biotic Initiate abilities function, you come under the understanding that you can use your own body as a means to charge into the front lines and becomes a forced to be reckoned with for your enemies as well as being a distracting element for your party. Just like Biotic Initiate, these abilities require a cost of bio-energy and power point to achieve. Some will cost lest, some will cost more. If you have Psionic Focus at the ready you can expend it to extend some abilities and even do combination attacks with them. The Biotic maneuvers are below and each one is a Standard Action in a round. =

  • Biotic Charge = By combining the ideals of the Warp and Push into your body, you are now able to perform the main ability of a Vanguard. And that is the means of turning your OWN body into a phasing projectile that bends space and time to hurl yourself, bull rushing enemies at relativistic speeds like a living pinball. After focusing on a target, you body will become surrounded by a mass effect field. As the space around your body begins to warp so too will your perception of time, as it dilates and things around you slow down to a crawl. To all other the movement will seem blindingly fast and nearly instantaneous. Once charged, your body will accelerate forward, moving through any occupied space and even through cover and walls as you slam into your target either fist or weapon first as long as you can clearly see a portion of your target (things like true sight or x-ray vision). You make a ranged attack, using yourself as the projectile to any creature in medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level) range. Once to roll your attack, you launch forward towards them, phasing through anything until you knock into them dealing 1dX Bludgeoning Damage Per 10ft. Traveled ( Max: 10) based on your size category ( Tiny: 1d4 Small: 1d6 Medium: 1d8 Large: 1d10 Huge: 1d12 ). The ability does not provoke AoO when executed because of the time dilation and you move too fast to be reacted to by normal means. Upon hitting your enemy, they must make a Reflex save or fall prone. If they make the save, they are stunned and staggered for 1d3 rounds. You must also make the save, using Fortitude, or you are also staggered for the same amount they are. If you failed your initial ranged attack, you appear adjacent to your target, and this DOES invoke AoO. The cost to use Biotic Charge is 3 bio-energy points and 6 power points
  • Shockwave = By combining the ideals of the Warp and Lift into your body, you are now able to perform the wave clearing ability of a Vanguard. You leap high into the air and slam your fist into the ground with a Warp Projectile formed around it. Once you do, a cascading wave of exploding warp spheres erupt from the ground forward in a 60 foot cone. Any enemies in the area of effect will take 6d6 + 1d6 every 3 levels of Force/Bludgeoning Damage. This can be Reflex saved for half damage. They must also make a secondary Reflex save or be knocked up into the air for 5ft per 4 character levels. The cost to use Shockwave is 3 bio-energy points and 6 power points

Normal: You only have normal bionic abilities from Biotic Initiate, and are under not any specialization feat.Special: Any other feats under the biotic tree other than Biotic Initiate are Bionic Specialization feats, and only ONE specialization feat may be taken. Also if you have the feats psionic meditation or Focused Psionic, your Vanguard abilities can gain special augments =

This is no affiliated with E.A, Bioware or any of the owners of Mass effect. It's just fan made, if that isn't painfully obvious.

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AuthorPrimordial Elder Dragon +
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Prerequisite6 HD +, Con 18 + and Biotic Initiate +
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SummaryBy delving deeper into the teaching of The Shepherd, you now understand the ideals of the Vanguard. To be the forward force of your party to lead them battle with brute force and disrupting the front line of any enemies you face. +
TitleBiotic Vanguard +
TypeXenotheric + and Psionic +