Bloody Wyrm Brawler Style (3.5e Feat)

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Author: Zhenra-Khal (talk)
Date Created: 11/16/2018
Status: Good to the last drop
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Bloody Wyrm Brawler Style [Fighter, Tactical] You took a moment out of your boxing match with the enemy Monk to flick your wrist at the enemy spellcaster, your blades sinking into his skin as he yelps. His fear was multiplied when you yanked on the chains linking those blades to your gauntlets, dragging him deftly into your arms - And right onto the blades of your other waiting claw.Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (Dragon Claws), Weapon Focus (Dragonblood Arms), Combat Reflexes, Claws of the Wyrm StyleBenefit: For the purposes of the Claws of the Wyrm Style feat, you may count Dragonblood Arms as Dragon Claws, allowing you to use all of the feat's benefits with that weapon.

You also gain the following tactical maneuvers.

  • Coiling Serpent: Pulling your ranged claws back into the gauntlets is now a free action, allowing you to sling the blades to attack an enemy, and, when combined with SHINKT!, completely hide the claws away again in one action.
  • Wall Climber: While wearing Dragonblood Arms, you gain a Climb speed equal to your land speed, though only when used on surfaces with a Hardness less than that of your Dragonblood Arms' claw material.
  • Dragon's Breath: If you successfully hit a target with your ranged claw attacks, you gain a +10 bonus on your Grapple check made to reel the target in. If you manage to pull them into a square adjacent to you, you get to make a free attack, with your unarmed attack, your Dragonblood Arms (With your other hand, provided it's not busy), a claw, bite, or headbutt/gore attack, or breath weapon (Though your breath weapon goes on cooldown as normal, it only hits this target, regardless of its usual shape).
  • Deft Serpent: You now threaten the area in which you can reach with your ranged claw attacks, but can only make an attack of opportunity beyond your normal threatened area once per round. More or less, once per round, you get to treat your threatened area as being larger than it actually is.
  • Snapping Dragon Tail: When an enemy fails their save against a Stunning Fist attack made by you with Dragonblood Arms (With the claws retracted), they also fall Prone, and must make a second save as the same DC or be Nauseated for one round after the Stun wears off.
  • Dance Of Red Rain: When you successfully hit a bleeding enemy with your Dragonblood Arms, you can instantly make another attack at your full BAB, though at a -2 penalty. You can make a number of these additional attacks upon an opponent equal to the number of Bleed stacks they currently have (Only counting Bleed stacks that were on the target already and Bleed stacks applied by the initial attack that allowed you to trigger this ability, not Bleed stacks applied by this ability), incurring a progressively larger penalty, until you miss, or the target Bleeds Out. Thus, if a Fighter with BAB +8 you made a standard attack against a target with four bleed stacks, instead of one single attack at +8, his attack sequence could be +8/+6/+4/+2/+0, those he loses any remaining extra attacks if he misses one of these attacks.

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