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Character Options[edit]

Caelistis is a very specific setting, and thus requires characters to be capable of things not normal in other settings. Below are a few ways to customize your characters, whether they are things that should rightly occur in this setting, or things that simply were added by gods.


Religious Learning[edit]

Though your studies may require attention elsewhere, you never stopped your worship.
Benefit: You add Knowledge (Religion) to your class skills. Treat it as a class skill at any level, regardless of the class you choose. You also gain a +2 on Diplomacy checks with worshipers of your deity.

Well Affiliated[edit]

You have done things in the past that caught the eye of your church.
Benefit: Your character gains 3 affiliation points for the church they are currently a member of.
Special: This feat can only be taken at character creation. If your character changes churches during the course of a campaign, the points given by this feat are wasted. This feat cannot be taken more than once.


Substitution Levels and Alternate Class Features[edit]

Cleric Substitution Levels[edit]