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Chaotic Evil 

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3E Fiend Folio, Planescape Appendix 2 

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In Dungeons & Dragons, the Abrian is an extraplanar Magical Beast. They dwell in the Abyss.

Abrians are large, flightless birds which somewhat resemble ostriches. However, they have a pair of small arms (not unlike those of a tyrannosaurus rex or velociraptor) at the front instead of wings. The upper underside of their long neck and their limbs are bare, while the rest of their body has black plumage, with red plumage at the tail and the bases of their strong legs.

Abrians are far more intelligent than they look, actually being as intelligent as any sentient race, and commonly engaging in trade with nomads and travelling merchants. Abrians themselves travel in large flocks.

Abrians are chaotic evil in alignment, typical of a creature of the Abyss.