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Built By Unkown
Used Primarily By Undead
Tonnage 55 - 100 tons
Hull Points 55 - 100
Crew (Min/Max) 5-10/50-100
Maneuver Class E
Landing - Land No
Landing - Water No
Armour Rating 3
Saves As Bone
Power Type Major Helm
Ship's Rating As Helmsman
Cargo 25 - 50 tons
Keel Length 45ft
Beam Length 250ft
Source War Captain's Companion
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An Antlership is a spelljammer ship that seems to be made of the antlers of an enormous space creature.


Listed crew size is for humans.

Standard Armaments[edit]

  • 2 Light Catapults (Requires 1 crew member each)
  • 2 Blunt Rams (Pierces on a critical of 19 or 20)


Antlerships only have one deck and up to 2d4 "helms" all of which are manned but only one is in control of the ship.


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