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Astinus of Palanthas, also known as Astinus Lorekeeper, is the head librarian of the Great Library of Palanthas in the Dragonlance campaign setting. When Astinus hears that Raistlin Majere of Solace collapsed on his staircase, he orders his disciples to put him in a cell so that Astinus may see him "if he has time". When Astinus confronts Raistlin Majere, he recognizes the essence of Fistandantilus and therefore refers to Raistlin as "old friend". Fistandantilus created the Sphere of Time for Astinus to travel the land and record everything as it is happening -- truly, he "sees all as it is happening". Astinus records all history as it happens until the Chaos War, when he disappears. Astinus is believed by some to be either an aspect of Gilean, god of the Book, or a son of his. A legend states that Astinus is being trained by Gilean to go back to the beginning of time and become Gilean, thus entering a time loop. Astinus has not been seen since the Chaos War.


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