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Cones of communication are matched pairs of magical cones that transmit sound from one cone to the other.[1]


A cone is solid and is as cold and hard as stone. They are four inches in diameter across the base of the cone and six inches in height. They weigh less than one pound.

Each cone within the pair, will only work with the other cone within the same pair. Cones from different pairs will not work together.

A cone picks up speech, or any other sound, from within twelve inches of its base and instantly transmits that sound to its twin.

Different pairs of cones of communication do not all have the same range. The maximum distance that the cones can be taken apart and still function varies from 1,000 miles to 12,000 miles. When taken beyond their range, the cones cease to work when taken beyond their maximum range. However, this causes no damage to the cones and they start to work again when brought within range of each other.

Individual cones have an aura of evocation. This aura vanishes if the cones are taken out of range of each other. When out of range, the cones do not appear to be magical in any way.[1]


A spelljamming wizard called Naxtys originally claimed to have invented the first known cones of communication. She used the cones to enhance her own reputation. However, other, more powerful, wizards became suspicious of Naxtys's claims, doubting her ability to create the cones by herself.

Naxtys eventually admitted that she discovered them floating in wildspace close to The Grinder, in the crystal sphere called Greyspace. The original cones were contained within an obsidian case when Naxtys found them.

Military analysts believe that the Elven Imperial Navy used cones of communication to give their fleet commanders a tactical advantage during the First Unhuman War.[1]

Main theories[edit]

To this date, nobody has discovered who invented the first cones of communication, however there is one disputed theory.

Ancient wizards of a lost planet[edit]

The disputed theory states that the cones found by Naxtys were invented by an ancient race of powerful wizards that lived on a planet that was destroyed long ago. The asteroids of The Grinder are supposedly the remains of this planet.[1]


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