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Neutral evil 

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MC13 - Monstrous Compendium - Al-Qadim Appendix

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In the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game, the Debbi is a magical beast. It is most common in the Al-Qadim sub-setting of the Forgotten Realms. It resembles a hybrid of a baboon and a hyena. The Debbi is a strange, mystery-shrouded, desert-scavenging creature of which almost nothing is known of the habits and characteristics of. When people try to study it, or even approach it, it attacks and then runs off. The Debbi can be highly effective with its fists, bite, and bolts of golden lightning, but it can often merely intimidate its foes into fleeing by stamping its thunderous feet, and using magic to makes its fur crackle and spark.

Debbi have not been heard to speak, but may be capable of it.

Their alignment is not known, though many perceive them to be neutral evil.


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