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Moon Dog 



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Book of Exalted Deeds

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Moon dogs in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game are a kynoid race of outsiders native to Elysium and champions of Good, always seeking to fight and destroy Evil.


Moon dogs look like large (3' at shoulders) wolfhounds, but their heads are nearly human which makes them look very intelligent (and they are). Their forepaws are highly adaptable and allow them to travel bipedally or on all fours. Their fur color ranges from dark gray to deep black and their eye color is usually amber.


Moon dogs are nomads, always wandering around the magic Planes to locate and destroy evil creatures. They have no organization as such, and although they sometimes travel in small packs, Moon dogs prefer a solitary way of life. They speak their own language among themselves, but they can also communicate with all kinds of canines and lupines. In order to speak with humans they have to utilize a limited form of telepathy, but they do it quite often, provided, of course, their partners also serve the causes of Good or, at least, stay neutral.


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