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Neogi are unusual creatures who usually look like a cross between a spider and an eel. They have a bloated body and eight limbs, two of which have simple claws, and are covered in light tan fur.[1]

Neogi are slave traders and they consider everything either a slave or owner. All neogi have several slaves, usually umber hulks, sometimes even other neogi. These neogi slaves have more slaves, leading to complex ownership hierarchy.[1]



The complicated language of the neogi is called K’azz’jak’n.[2]


The neogi have an unusual view of their deities: The do not offer prayers and rarely sacrifice, but demand favors and boons from them regularly, seeing the deities as servants of the neogi race. The neogi powers are sexless just like the neogi themselves.[2]

The speak the name of one of their deities incorrectly is seen as a sacriledge worthy of a slow and painful death by the neogi. Given the difficulties of the neogi language for other races, it is advisable to refrain from the attempt of pronouncing the deities' names.[2]

The neogi pantheon includes:[2]

  • Kil'lix, a chaotic evil lesser god of death, murder, and poison.
  • Kr'tx, a chaotic evil lesser god of war, brutality, and strength.
  • P'kk, a lawful evil lesser god of fear and tyranny.
  • Thrig'ki, a neutral evil lesser god of "love" (actually more like envy and jealousy in human terms).
  • T'zen'kil, a neutral evil lesser god of torture, pain, and suffering.


The neogi homeworld is referred to in their legends as Ka'jk'z. In the neogi creation myth, Ka'jk'z was the place where the brain of the neogi creator deity, Ka'jk'zxl, landed after he was killed by the lesser neogi gods. The neogi were apparently born from the brain of the deity. They simply abandoned their world after being informed by their gods of their destiny to conquer all the crystal spheres.[2]

Dragon #350 tells a different story, citing rumors that the neogi homeworld was the first to be destroyed by the clockwork horrors after the world of the Lost Ones.[3]

Lords of Madness cites similar rumors, claiming that "some sages" believe the neogi homeworld no longer exists.[4]


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