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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the Nothic is an aberration. It resembles a lanky, hunched, olive-green skinned humanoid with a single, enormous, red, central eye. Its long arms are tipped with claws which drag along the ground as it moves in an awkward hop. It lives in the ground.

Characteristics and habits[edit]

The Nothic cares about nothing save spreading fear and pain. And feeding itself. Its single eye grants it numerous abilities. For one, it can see through walls, invisible objects, and such. Also, the gaze of it inflicts a rotting disease in those who meet it, not unlike that of the Boalisk. With weak claws, and slow movement, this deadly eye weapon is the Nothic's primary method of killing the victims it needs. It is happy eating carrion if it can find no victims, but prefers not to, being a sadistic creature fond of causing suffering.

Nothics speak Undercommon in a hoarse, wheezing voice.

They are chaotic evil in alignment.


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