Chain Attack (3.5e Maneuver)

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Author: Havvy (talk)
Date Created: August 24th, 2011
Status: First Draft
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Chain Attack
Obscured Existence (Strike)
Level: 4
Prerequisite: One Obscured Existence maneuver, BAB +6
Initiation Action: 1 full-round action
Range: Melee attack
Targets: Multiple Creatures (see text)
Duration: Instantaneous

Make a full-round attack against a foe within range. If at least two attacks hit, you may make another full-round attack against another target within range at a -2 penalty with the same effect. For example, if you hit the initial target twice, you may attack a secondary target at a -2 penalty. If two of those hit, you may hit a tertiary target. You stop attacking new targets when you do not get two hits per attack or run out of targets. You may not target the same creature more than once with each use of this maneuver.

This maneuver provokes an attack of opportunity.

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