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The Wanderers are a group of hundreds of thousands of humanoid creatures (or even millions of figures) who eternally walk across the inner surface of the Realmspace crystal sphere.[1][2]

Individual Wanderers[edit]

Individual members of The Wanderers may be humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, orcs or members of any other intelligent humanoid race found on any of the planets of Realmspace. They may also be mixed race, with parents of any two humanoid races.[1]

According to legends, Wanderers are the souls of people who died while committing extremely evil acts. On average, only one person in five years dies while committing acts that are evil enough for them to be condemned to become a Wanderer.[1][2]

The Wanderers walk on the airless inner surface of the crystal sphere and do not need to eat, sleep or breath.[1]

The curse[edit]

Each evil person chosen to become one of The Wanderers is cursed to eternally walk across the inner surface of the sphere while chanting. They concentrate totally on their duties and it is impossible for anyone to communicate with them.[1]

Movement of The Wanderers[edit]

All of The Wanderers walk in exact synchronisation, in a line that runs from north to south. They move constantly, never stopping or pausing.[1]

Chant of The Wanderer[edit]

Each one of the Wanderers opens and closes their mouth as if chanting. This chanting is said to be a catalyst that allows crystal sphere portals to be created. An evil person chosen to become a Wanderer is taught the Chant of the Wanderer.[1][2]

Spellcasting-like hand gestures[edit]

As well as continually walking and chanting, each one of The Wanderers also makes hand motions that resemble spellcasting activity.[1]

The Time of Troubles[edit]

During the Time of Troubles the curse on The Wanderers was temporarily lifted and they ceased their chant. This caused Realmspace to be sealed for the duration of the conflict.[1]

The mark of Torm[edit]

Every one of The Wanderers has the mark of the god Torm on the palm of their hand.[1][2]

Loss of Wanderers[edit]

Although individual Wanderers are cursed to carry out the Chant of the Wanderer for eternity, it is possible for them to be lost. Wanderers are harder to hit with weapons or spells than they were when they were alive, but they can be destroyed. A wanderer can also fall out of the sphere if a crystal sphere portal opens in their path. If all The Wanderers are destroyed or lost, the sphere cannot open until a new evil humanoid dies and is taught the Chant of the Wanderer.[1]


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