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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 9-7-19
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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While this discipline is often associated with gnomes and their love to tinker and use tools, it is believed the original creator of this complex martial style was no gnome, but a human or at least tall humanoid figure of considerable wealth. He had experienced a tragedy in his youth involving crime and turned his monetary gains into a means of combating the terrors of his past, making sure none may experience the sorrows he did. Thus he became a masked vigilante of legend and lore. He had no magic to his name, but the funds and physical abilities to make hell and the foresight to always have the right tool for the job. The Crazy Gadget discipline is all about using tools, devices, and other oddities in combat, or augmenting pre-existing tools. From grappling hooks to evil repellant spray, users of this discipline keep their tools working by having a grab bag or belt of items always at the ready known as the Gadget Pouch. It is identical to a spell component pouch, filled with unspecified tools and gears to fuel this disciplines abilities.

Game Mechanics of the Crazy Gadget

Available To: Any

Discipline Skill: Craft (Any) (Int) - One has to build gadgets to use them.

Discipline Weapons: Alchemical items, dagger, crossbows, guns, nets. - Tools associated with science and gadgets, and the ever utilitarian knife. 

Saves: 10 + maneuver level + Intelligence modifier 

Legacy Weapon: Dr. Wonder's Omnitool 

Maneuver Granting Item: Toolbelt of the Mad Gadgeteer 

Discipline Feat: On-Site Procurement 

Tactical Feat: On-Site Training 

Special: Crazy Gadget requires the use of a gadget pouch. It is identical in cost and use to a spell component pouch, but is full of strange gadgets. In addition several maneuvers can require the use of material components to augment or use them, and sometimes focus components.

Maneuvers of the Crazy Gadget Discipline[edit]

To see the full, expanded description of every maneuver, click here.

1st-Level Maneuvers

  • Antigen Serum: Counter — Inject yourself with medicine to fight off a disease or poison.
  • Climbing Irons: Rush — Piton gadgets on your hands and feet lock you in place, and assist in climbing.
  • Flash Pack: Stance [Light] — You have a body light to illuminate your surroundings with various settings. Alternatively you can pulse it to disorient would-be attackers.
  • Hidden Draw: Boost — Draw an item, even a hidden or packed away item, as a swift action. Once per encounter this will also leave targets flatfooted.
  • Net Launcher: Strike — Throw a net as a gadget, or use it as a trap.
  • Repellent Spray: Stance — Increase your AC against certain types of creatures. It is especially effective on animals and mindless vermin.
  • Smoke Bomb: Rush — Drop a cloud of smoke to cover your escape.

2nd-Level Maneuvers

  • Adrenaline Injection: Rush — For 1 round double your speed and resist pain and weakness, but it catches up to you next round.
  • Chem Grenade: Strike [Acid Cold Electricity Fire] — Throw an advanced alchemical grenade to explode in the enemy's face.
  • Combat Medical Aid: Strike — Quickly heal damage on the field. It grows more potent with a healers kit.
  • Explosive Ammunition: Boost — Turn a ranged attack into an explosion that takes up a 15 ft cube.
  • Pseudo-Suicide Pill: Counter — Kill yourself, but not really. This can trick creatures into thinking you are dead.
  • Quick Disable: Strike — Immediately disable a device, or disable a device being operated by another to briefly jam it.
  • Sudden Caltrops: Boost — Throw caltrops out as part of an attack. Use actual caltrops to make them more potent.
  • Tether Recovery: Counter — Fire a grappling line to save yourself from a fall. or reach new heights.

3rd-Level Maneuvers

  • Authorized User: Stance — Become proficient in one object, or able to operate it when you otherwise lack training.
  • Automed Injector: Counter — Instantly consume a potion.
  • Envenom Weapon: Boost — Deal extra poison damage, and a save against a physically crippling poison.
  • Escape Trap: Rush [Fire] — You can withdraw from a situation as a move action, and leave an explosive trap in your wake.
  • Flash Bang: Strike [Light Sonic] — You throw a dazzling explosive that blinds, deafens, and denies counterattacks.
  • Gas Grenade: Strike — Release a cloud of choking gas to blind, suffocate, or signal from afar.
  • HEV System: Stance — Turn on life support functions, and emergency alert systems.

4th-Level Maneuvers

  • Ablative Gel: Rush — Apply a protective gel on your skin that grants you freedom of movement and ablates several kinds of damage.
  • Fulton Recovery: Boost [Air] — You strap an inflatable balloon to a creature and they go flying into the air.
  • Neutralizing Serum: Strike — Cure disease, exhaustion, fatigue, nausea, paralysis, poison, or sickening, and render yourself immune to these effects as well.
  • Overclock: Boost — The next hit deals double damage, but the subsequent hit deals half.
  • Quick Action: Counter — Make a non-movement based move action as an immediate action, and do so without provoking.
  • Ziptie Strike: Strike — Grapple without provoking, then immediately transition into a pin and tie the creature up.

5th-Level Maneuvers

  • Combat Medical Expertise: Strike — Heal more hp, even bringing people back from the brink of death with immediate medical attention.
  • Diazepam Pill: Rush — Calm the mind and steady your aim, but become staggered after 1 minute passes.
  • Expanded Vision Goggles: Stance — These goggles give you darkvision, low-light vision, thermalsight, and telescopic vision.
  • Frag Grenade: Strike [Fire] — You throw a powerful explosive that deals more damage to lightly armored targets.
  • Gadget Jetpack: Stance [Fire] — You have a jetpack from which you can fly with.
  • Instant Disable: Counter — An immediate Quick Disable with greater effects and no attacks of opportunity.
  • Supersoldier Serum: Boost — For one round you gain superior ability scores and abilities.

6th-Level Maneuvers

  • Aerial Mines: Strike [Fire] — Spread a minefield around that threatens anyone who isn't you.
  • Maximize Potential: Boost — You enhance one consumable to have the maximum possible effect.
  • Powertool Gadget: Strike — You switch out your weapon for a complex device of blades, drills, and hammers that destroys things in front of you.
  • Quick Bang: Counter [Light Sonic] — This functions like Flash Band, except as an immediate action in a 15 ft cone.
  • Sneak Suit: Rush — Blend into the background with your stealth technology gadgets.
  • Sniper Bolter: Boost — You throw or fire a projectile out to unlimited range.

7th-Level Maneuvers

  • Adaptive Skin: Stance — Gain the effects of adapt body.
  • Booster Escape: Rush [Fire] — Catch a ride on a rocket booster, or send opponents flying on a rocket booster.
  • Communication Network: Stance — Your gadgets grant you communication with allies and awareness of anything they are aware of.
  • Flak Spinner: Strike — Release a spinning mine that shoots out sharp shrapnel in all directions.
  • Instant Neutralizing Serum: Counter — Negate any one status effect you have just come under.
  • Vulnerability Gel: Boost — This gel strips the target of their DR, SR, and non-lethal from regeneration.

8th-Level Maneuvers

  • Absorbing Vial: Counter — Grab an incoming projectile, spell, or other effect and keep it in storage until you need it.
  • Combat Medical Miracle: Strike — Heal a great amount and gain fast healing. You can also recover the recently dead and put together mauled bodies.
  • Grant Access: Rush — Gain access to a single item as if you qualify for it, or bypass any door.
  • Hypersoldier Serum: Boost — An advanced version of Supersoldier Serum, with stronger or longer effects.
  • Rocket Strike: Strike [Fire Sonic] — Fire a powerful rocket launcher. It's very effective against objects.

9th-Level Maneuvers

  • Call Airstrike: Strike [Fire Sonic] — Call in an airstrike, dropping massive explosions on your opponents.
  • Right Tool for the Job: Rush — Pull out exactly the item you need to succeed up to 25,000 gp in value.
  • Technical Workaround: Boost — By some trickery you bypass all immunities to your next attack.

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