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Author: Leziad (talk)
Date Created: 15th March 2014
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Dark Pact-Bound[edit]

Dark Pact-Bound creature are very naughty mortals who made vile pacts with evil forces, either demons, devils or even elder evils. In exchange for mortal might they must pledge that their eternal soul shall be granted to the dark forces themselves, who are more than willing to go any length to make sure the terms of the pact are respected. Some wish for material goods, magical powers, making themselves prettier and all kind of things.

Creating a Dark Pact-Bound[edit]

Dark Pact-Bound is an acquired template that can be added to any humanoid or monstrous humanoid creature with a finite lifespan. Although if a creature acquire immortality later on it still benefits from this template.

Ability Scores: A dark pact-bound creature take a -2 penalty to either Constitution or Wisdom. They need to either surrender a piece of their sense or a health as an assurance of payment to the dark forces they made a pact with.

Size and Type: A dark pact-bound creature's size and type remain unchanged.

Feat: A dark pact-bound creature's feats do not change.

Skills: A dark pact-bound creature receive a +2 bonus on Diplomacy when dealing with evil outsiders.

Special Qualities: A dark pact-bound creature receive the following special qualities:

Black Brand: A Dark Pact-Bound creature has a brand of ownership somewhere on their body, replicating the effect of the Cursed in Sin flaw with no bonus feat.

Dark Pact: A creature who enter a dark pact receive a number of benefits from her pact; choose two of the benefits below.

  • Ability Boost: The Dark-Pact Bound creature gain a +2 bonus to an ability score, however she also take a -2 penalty to another ability score.
  • Correct Flaw: You gain a +4 bonus to any ability score, however this bonus cannot bring the ability score higher than 12 (before any enhancement or inherent bonus).
  • Dark Lore: You gain Forbidden Knowledge as a bonus feat.
  • Extended Youth: You look youthful and pretty for your entire lifespan, negating any aging bonus or penalties you would acquire.
  • Insight of the Future: You gain a +2 bonus on initiative checks and may use precognition as a psi-like ability twice per day.
  • Magical Powers: Choose a single 1st level spell from the Cleric or Sorcerer/Wizard spell list, you gain the ability to cast it twice per day. If the spell has the [Evil] tag it is usable 3 times per day.
  • Wealth: You start the game with a Royal Outfit and a Mansion.

Unfulfilled Pact: Once per year your dark patron can give you a task, if you refuse or fail to perform it your maximum lifespan is reduced by one year. If you somehow became immortal then your patron will typically send minions to punish or kill you (usually of your CR -1) if you refuse or fail the task.

Level Adjustment: +0

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