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Giff are an player race within Spelljammer. They resemble humanoid Hippos, and are often seen as mercenaries. Most Giff an extreme attachment to guns, though they're great strength mean that they're more than capable of hand to hand combat.Gift are very large, often reaching up to 9 feet in height. Gift players have the following stats: Giff Racial Traits

+6 Strength, -2 Intelligence, -2 Wisdom. Giff are extraordinarily powerful, but not terribly bright or perceptive. Large. As Large creatures, giff suffer a -1 size penalty to attack rolls and AC, and a -4 size penalty on Hide checks. They may use larger weapons than humans use, and their lifting and carrying limits are twice those of Medium-size characters. A giff also has a natural reach of 10 feet. Giff base speed is 30 feet. Natural Armor: Giff have a +4 natural armor bonus. Head-Butt: A giff can deliver a head-butt as a standard action, dealing 1d8 points of damage plus one and one-half his Strength bonus. A giff cannot combine a head-butt with other attacks. Spell Resistance: Giff are naturally resistant to magic. A giff’s SR equals his effective character level plus 3. A giff cannot voluntarily lower his spell resistance, even for beneficial magic such as healing. Malfunctioning Magic: The giff’s resistance to magic extends even to magic items worn or used by the giff. Any magic item activated via spell completion (such as scrolls), spell trigger (such as wands and staffs), or a command word or mental activation (such as a ring of invisibility) has a 10% chance of simply not functioning when activated by a giff. Thus, most giff stick to magic items that don’t require such activation, such as weapons, armor, potions, and the like. Automatic Languages: Common and Giff. Bonus Languages: Dwarven, Elven, and Orc. Giff find it useful to know the languages of their enemies…or their employers. Preferred Class: Fighter. A multiclass giff’s fighter class does not count when determining whether he suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing. All giff are natural-born warriors. Level Adjustment: +2. The giff’s prodigious Strength and natural armor make them significantly more powerful than a typical human. A 1st-level giff fighter’s effective character level is 3.

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