Dragon Turtle Breastplate (5e Magic Armor)

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Author: Rlyehable (talk)
Date Created: 2016.12.03
Status: Final
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Dragon Turtle Breastplate
Magic Armor (breastplate), very rare (requires attunement)
This magicial breastplate armor is made from a scale from the shell of a Dragon Turtle. In addition to its +2 bonus to armor class, it provides resistance to fire damage.

If attuned to and wearing the armor, the wearer can breathe air and water, and has a swimming speed equal to their walking speed.

Armor Kind Type Magic Bonus1 AC Strength Stealth Weight
Dragon Turtle Breastplate Breastplate Medium   +2  14 + Dex bonus (max 2) Str 14 40 lbs
1Magic bonus not included in listed AC.

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Rlyehable's Homebrew (141 Articles)
AC14 + Dex bonus (max 2) +
Armor TypeBreastplate +
Attunementtrue +
AuthorRlyehable +
Identifier5e Magic Armor +
Item TypeArmor +
MagicYes +
Magic Bonus +2 +
NameDragon Turtle Breastplate +
RarityVery Rare +
RatingUndiscussed +
StrengthStr 14 +
SummaryBreastplate made from the scale of a dragon turtle. +
TitleDragon Turtle Breastplate +
TypeMedium +
Weight40 lbs +