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All pages in the namespace DnDWiki have been imported from the former D&D Wiki that shall now be merged with this wiki here. A list of all those articles can be found here. D&D Wiki had a different set of policies, so that they now have to be adapted to the situation here. Please help to modify these articles until they conform to the policies of Dungeons & Dragons Wiki, and then move the page to its appropriate name without the "DnDWiki:.
Articles based on published sources belong into the namespace "Canon:". They are usually designated by:

This article is based on material by: 

if they are based on sources by TSR or Wizards of the Coast

This article is based on material by: 
  • Company name

if based on material by other publishers.

Homebrew material from D&D Wiki is usually designated by:

This article is based on material by: 
  • User:Username

Materials based on the SRD are designated by boxes like the one below and belongs into the namespace "SRD:" if the respective article does not already exist/is complete. Template:SRDtext If the source material is not clear, it is designated by:

50x40px This article does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to sources.

Please help by stating the sources for these articles, if possible, before adapting the article into Dungeons & Dragons Wiki.