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In order to maintain our standards of quality on this Wiki, we are instituting a policy of Winter Cleaning. An article in this group is technically complete, almost certainly playable, and may even be mostly excellent, but is in need of additional work in one or more areas. This additional work may be indicative of the article being below par as per our homebrew guidelines. If this template is applied to one of your articles you shouldn't feel offended, you have a nice piece of content that someone thought needed polishing.

These articles are candidates for deletion, despite being technically complete, but in a much less severe way than an incomplete or inappropriate article. An article that has been tagged with the Winter Cleaning template will be deleted if two weeks pass without active comment or cleanup from the community or author. An article with an active and productive conversation will not be deleted. Once the community reaches a consensus regarding the passing quality of the article, the template may be removed.

If you wish to dispute the tag, discuss it on the talk page of the article in question. This counts as discussion towards improving the article. If the tag is simply removed by the author before a consensus on the article has been reached the article may be deleted without warning. So don't do that.

This template is intended for general use, mostly to aid in preventing the wiki from building up a supply of incomplete and abandoned work. Abuse of it to harass a user is grounds for a temporary block. As always, admins have the final say on the status of any article.

If you would like to help out by resolving pages tagged with Winter Cleaning, please see the listing below or at Category:Winter Cleaning.

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