Eldritch Star (3.5e Invocation)

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Author: Fluffykittens (talk)
Date Created: Aug 17 2016
Status: Maybe Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Eldritch Star
Artistic Shape Art Flow User Master; 9th
Blast Shape Warlock Dark; 9th

You hurl a ball of eldritch energy; attack a 15x15x15 ft cube anywhere within long distance, dealing your eldritch blast damage (Ref half) and leaving a nebula of energy that emits light equivalent to a Daylight spell with double normal range.

On the start of your next turn, it blossoms; the cube that was the center of the invocation becomes a deadly vortex of energy, dealing 4x your normal eldritch blast damage per turn (no save, apply normal DND multiplication rules) to anything contacting the cube physically. Additionally, any creature passing within a 120 ft burst of the cube must make a reflex save or take half of your eldritch blast damage, and a fortitude save or be drawn 40 feet towards the center of the cube; unattended objects automatically fail both saves, and terrain takes damage as if failing the reflex save. The artificial star emits light equivalent to a Daylight spell with 1200 feet for both the bright light and the dim light distance.

The star lasts until you stop concentrating on it (which requires a move action each turn) or until you use another eldritch blast; in either case, the star vanishes at the end of your turn. You and any creature that can be considered part of you (such as familiars) are immune to the effects of the Eldritch Star.

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