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Author: Leziad (talk)
Date Created: 10 July, 2014
Status: Finsihed
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Energy Vision [Xenotheric] Prerequisites: Con 19+Benefit: You gain the ability to fire rays of energy from your eyes, the benefits are described below.

A creature with energy vision can fire beams out of her eyes at the cost of bio-energy. Firing your energy vision is standard action (unless noted otherwise), require line of sight, can be fired at long range (400 ft. + 40 ft./level) and as rays require a ranged touch attack to hit. Firing your energy vision require you to expend some bio-energy depending on the shape (see below).

When using your energy vision you must decide between kinetic beam or heat beams. Kinetic Beam deal 1d6 force damages per per character levels or CR (whichever is appropriate) bypassing object's hardness. Heat beams deal 1d6 fire damages per character levels or CR (whichever is appropriate) =and may at the user's option the energy vision may set unattended object(s) on fire, assuming any object hit survive the damage dealt to it.

Additionally as long as the user has at least one or more point of bio-energy in her bio-energy pool she may have her eyes glow as per the light spell.

When energy vision is used, the user must select one shape and one output. She must meet the minimum HD prerequisite of any shape, output or essence she attempt to use. Then at her option she may select one or more essence , paying any extra bio-energy cost, she must of course still meet the minimal HD requirement for any essence she want to use.

Any saves DC granted by energy vision is constitution-based.

Table: Energy Vision
Shape Minimum HDs Bio-Energy Cost Effect
Ray - 0 Simple Ray.
Burst - 0 Fire multiple beams.
Forward Sweep 4 1 Fire in a long (400 ft. + 40 ft./level) 10 ft.-wide line.
Sidesweep 7 2 Fire in a 5 foot-high medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level) cone.
High-Intensity Ray 7 2 A very powerful ray.
Output Minimum HDs Bio-Energy Cost Effect
Controlled Output - 0 Deal up to one damage per CR/ECL your have.
Normal Output - 1 Deal normal damage.
High Output 5 2 Deal increased damage.
Maximal Output 8 3 Deal incredible damage.
Essence Minimum HDs Bio-Energy Cost Effect
Dry Liquid - +0 Vaporize liquid and dry surface as dry ray. Deal no extra damages.
Annihilating Heat 4 +0 Destroy bodies of creatures slain with your energy vision.
Pain Beams 6 +1 Fire a single ray of energy that deal nonlethal damage and cause pain.
Lobotomize 13 +3 Cause massive but controlled brain damage.
  • See below for additional rules.


Burst: Instead of firing a single ray, you fire two beams, however each are only dealing half as much damage as they would normally do.

Forward Sweep: You fire a long (400 ft. + 40 ft./level) 10 ft.-wide line beam of energy. You must make a ranged touch attack against all creatures in the line, but you gain a +4 bonus to hit. Forward sweep ignore concealment.

Sidesweep: As forward sweep but as a 5 foot-high medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level) cone.

High-Intensity Ray: A very focused ray of energy. Fire a single ray, but deal 50% more damages.


Controlled Output: Controlled output allow you to choose to deal a number of damage between 1 and your CR/ECL.

High Output: High output deal d8s instead of d6, however the user is blinded until the beginning of it next round.

Maximal Output: Maximal Output deal d10s instead of d6s, however it use is blinded until the beginning of it next round and become fatigued for 1d4 rounds..


Dry Liquid: Vaporize liquid and dry surface as dry ray, adding it to a normal output of swift reprisal shape allow you have your ray vaporize up to 5-foot cube of liquid per level. While adding it to any maximal output you can vaporize up to four 5-foot cube of liquid per level of any source of water touched at any point in the area of effect (but only once per source).

Annihilating Heat: This essence make you energy vision destroy the bodies of creature slain as per dust to dust. Can be used by itself to simply destroy a corpse as dust to dust. This essence deal double damage to unattended object and completely disintegrate upon destruction.

Pain Beam: This essence turn your energy vision in an extremely painful experience. Any creature hit by a pain beam take a –2 penalty on attack rolls, skill checks, and ability checks for 1 minute (fort negate).

Lobotomize: This essence can only be added to normal or high-intensity rays, if the ray hit, it target must make a fortitude save or become feebleminded and completely docile unless further attacked.

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