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This chapter contains a variety of mundane and magic items that might feature in campaigns containing spiderkind.

Mundane Equipment[edit]


Spidersilk Armor (light) Armor Bonus Minimum Enhancement Bonus Check Speed Price (gp) Weight Special
Spidersilk armor +4 50 5lb.
Spiderweave armor +5 +4 special 5lb.
Shadoweave armor +6 +6 special 5lb.

Spidersilk armor is woven from the finest strands of monstrous spider silk. Spider silk has a strength comparable to steel for much less weight. Spiderweave armor is woven from the silk of demon and celestial spiders by the finest weavers. Shadoweave armor is woven with darkness imbued into its silk.


Simple Melee Weapons[edit]
Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Fang Weapon 30gp 5lb. High Crit
Military Melee Weapons[edit]


Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Lance +2 1d8 30gp 12lb. Polearm, Spear Charging 2
Simple Ranged Weapons[edit]


Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Handcrossbow, Repeating +2 1d6 10/20 35gp 3lb. Crossbow Load Free*
Mister +2 10/20 150gp

Fang Weapon: A Fang weapon is a metal shell (in a spider fang shape) with protruding blades that Drow often purchase to help their "pets" (monstrous Spiders) cause more harm with their bite attacks. They are purchased as a pair, and are generally strapped to the fangs of a monstrous spider (usually one that serves as a guardian) and fastened on with straps. The fang weapon has a hole at its point where the fangs protrude, and so bite attacks from spiders with fang weapons still deal poison damage. A spider is automatically proficient with fang weapons.

In order to attach a fang weapon to a spider's fangs, you must pass a nature skill check to handle animal (DC 20), or else the spider will attack. If you are a spider rider, attaching fang weapons to you spider mount does not require a skill check. The check must be retaken to remove fang weapons, and the check is automatically passed when removing fang weapons from a dead spider. Fang weapons can be enchanted in the same way that a normal weapon can.

Handcrossbow, Repeating: A rectangular magazine attaches to the top of this hand crossbow. A lever drops a bolt in place as a free action and then a trigger fires the bolt as a standard action. A repeating hand crossbow does not have to be reloaded as long as it has ammunition in its magazine. A magazine costs 1gp and holds 5 bolts. It takes a standard action to remove an empty magazine and load a new one. For all intents and purposes, a repeating hand crossbow is a hand crossbow.

Lance: A lance is a weapon favored by mounted warriors. It consists of a long shaft with a sharp point on the end, and is designed to make devastating charges. A lance is a one-handed weapon when you use it mounted, but is a two-handed weapon when you use it on foot.

Charging: A charging weapon gains the high crit property and a bonus to damage rolls equal to the charging value given when the wielder charges.

Mister: A mister deals no damage, but it can be used to transfer a poison to an enemy with an attack (as if the mister was a poison vector).

Adventuring Gear[edit]

Alchemical Items[edit]


Magic Items[edit]

Magic Armor[edit]

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Holy Symbols[edit]





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