Githyanki Silver Sword (3.5e Equipment)

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Author: Surgo (talk)
Date Created: 9/2/2017
Status: Mostly complete
Editing: Feel free to add more arts
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Silver Sword
Price: 20000 gp
Body Slot: Held
Caster Level: 9th
Aura: Moderate transmutation
Activation: See text
Weight: As base weapon

These fearsome swords are forged for proven Githyanki warriors.

Special silver swords are given to Githyanki warriors of 9th level or higher. They are usually greatswords or longswords, but can be any weapon that is categorically a sword. This sword looks like a standard weapon while still in its sheath, but when drawn, it transforms into a column of silvery liquid, altering the weapon’s balance round by round as the blade’s shape flows and shimmers. Githyanki silver swords count as silver for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. Despite being rare magical weapons, silver swords are not unique and can be enhanced as if they were mundane.

Silver swords are created by and unique to the Githyanki because they require rare astral diamonds in their creation. These diamonds are mined inside the mountainlike corpses of dead gods that float in the Astral Plane: corpses that the Githyanki happen to build their cities upon.

A silver sword contains up to 10 energy charges, with an additional +3 per point of raw enhancement bonus of the weapon to a maximum of 25 at +5. These charges, once expended, are regained at the rate of 1 per round that you do not use any of the weapon's arts. All save DCs for weapon abilities are 10 + ½ BAB or ½ manifester level + Wisdom bonus.

A wielder of a silver sword gains the following weapon arts:

Charge: You hold the sword skyward and call astral energy to you, regaining 1d6 energy charges. This takes a full-round action for an unenhanced silver sword, a standard action for a +1 silver sword, and a move action for a +3 silver sword. Any amount of energy charges over the weapon's maximum is lost if not used within 1 round.

Cut the Weave (3): You can use this weapon to counterspell as per Better Counterspelling (AoO method only). Rather than expending a spell slot, you must defeat the spell with a dispel psionics. If the spell is an area spell it is not completely dispelled; instead it cuts out a 10x10 hole where you stand.

Destroy Magic (3): A creature or object struck by this art is affected by a targeted version of dispel psionics with a manifester level equal to your BAB or manifester level. This is a Unique Attack Modifier.

Seal Magic (3): A creature struck by this art must make a Will save or lose the ability to use spells, psionics, spell-like abilities, or psi-like abilities for 1d4 rounds. This is a Unique Attack Modifier.

Sever the Cord (5): The wielder of a silver sword can an astral traveler's silver cord. A silver cord visibly trails 5 feet behind an astral traveler before fading into the astral medium. This action draws an attack of opportunity from the astral traveler. The normally insubstantial cord is treated as a tangible object with the owner’s AC, hardness 10, and 20 hit points. If the cord is damaged, the traveler must make a Fortitude save or be immediately returned to his body. If the cord is destroyed, it destroys the astral form and kills the body on its resting plane.

Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, an astral diamond worth at least 10,000 gp.
Cost to Create: 10 days, astral diamond worth at least 10,000 gp.

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