Gunslinger Handbook (3.5e Sourcebook)/Introduction

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Revolution of Warfare[edit]

Firearms in the modern world revolutionized warfare, they changed how we fought. They made metal plates and swords obsolete in a couple of decades, and after they advanced enough, using firearms were obligatory if you wanted to stay relevant in battle. Frankly, we don't want that in D&D. Firearms were world changers in the modern world, but in order to maximize fun they must balanced against much more primitive gears.

Guns and the World[edit]

Depending on the campaign setting, guns might be rare, a relic of an ancient age or the most relevant weapon of the time. With a simple gun, a little bit of training, and a bit of luck, a commoner can kill a much larger and scarier orc raider from a safe distance. In a world where guns are common, the means to produce them are common as well. While in a world in which guns can only be produced by expert gunsmiths for the rich and powerful, they are incredibly rare and prized. Guns don't affect the world as much as the world affect guns. This sourcebook offers multiple different kinds of guns, allowing you to choose which ones fit your setting well.

Guns and the PCs[edit]

Player characters have very deep pockets in most games; it is likely that high-quality guns will get in their hands. PCs are the most affected by guns - a gun in the hand of a PC will follow them for several battles, while a gun in the hand of the mook will be looted and sold. This is why this the rules of this sourcebook were written to benefit the PC gunslinger.