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Author: Sulacu (talk)
Date Created: September 29, 2016
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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A hoverboard is a high-tech single-manned vehicle that uses no wheels but instead floats with the help of advanced technology. A hoverboard consists of a deck from laminated wood or polymers, with 2 blocks of suspendium powered by a muon-catalyzed fusion cell maintaining its lift and balance. A series of propulsors on the rear and sides of the hoverboard then provide maneuverability. The hoverboard determines the amount of thrust and lift required to maintain stability depending on the tilts and turns the deck undergoes as a result of the rider's movements and weight distribution. As such, the hoverboard handles like a skateboard to some degree, but requires much finer coordination to master.

The rider of a hoverboard can hover as a Medium creature with a speed of 60 feet. Riding a hoverboard at normal speed requires a DC 10 Balance check every round. The hoverboard can hustle (Balance DC 15) at double speed and run (Balance DC 20) at five-times speed indefinitely.

A hoverboard's top speed (using the run action) is 300 feet per round (roughly 35 miles per hour).

Proficiency with the hoverboard depends on your ranks in Balance or an equivalent skill:

  • With 2 ranks in Balance, you no longer have to make checks to simply ride a hoverboard, but still make checks to hustle or run. Your hover maneuverability at all speeds is poor.
  • With 5 ranks in Balance, you no longer have to make checks to hustle with a hoverboard, but still make checks to run. Your hover maneuverability increases to average.
  • With 10 ranks in Balance, you no longer have to make checks to make any ordinary movement with a hoverboard, though board tricks will still require checks. Your hover maneuverability becomes good.

Regardless of your ranks in the skill, trying to make movements that exceed your level of maneuverability with the hoverboard will instantly force you to make a DC 25 Balance check.

A hoverboard weighs 20 pounds and can run for 1,000 hours on a single fusion cell. The maximum carry weight of a hoverboard is 350 pounds.

Price 7,500 gp (includes 4 pounds of suspendium and 1 fusion cell.

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