Hypermalicious Neoplasmic Torque (3.5e Disease)

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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 6-21-15
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Hypermalicious Neoplasmic Torque
Infection: Injury or Ingested
DC: 24
Incubation : See text
Damage : See text

The body is a series of separate bodies working together in harmony to produce a harmonious whole. Normally this balance is hard to shake, but in some cases things which should shut down or die do not, and they grow and pulse out of control, killing the host.

And sometimes, the host does not die.

This disease is infused with positive energy drawn from the plane directly. When a creature is infected they must make a Fortitude save immediately. If they fail, they are infected and immediately gain fast healing 1. This seems like a boon. The next round, it doubles to fast healing 2. Then fast healing 4. 8. 16. After 5 rounds they must make another Fortitude save each round to move onto stage 2. If they succeed on the save, they immediately lose their fast healing and vomit up a red slurry, rending them nauseated (but free of disease) for 1d4+1 rounds.

In the second stage of the disease, the body begins to swell and bloat. Fast healing continues to double, and they take 2 points of Dex drain each round as body parts begin bubbling and stretching. Fortitude saves delay the Dex damage but does not stop it. At 0 Dex, they erupt into a blob of flesh which is completely immobile. They gain Ooze traits, and are unable to take any actions. They are helpless, but immune to coup de graces and death effects in this state.

After turning into a blob they make another Fortitude save. On each failed save the new "flesh ooze" increases a size category (do not change its ability scores), until Colossal size. After Colossal, it collapses under its own weight and remains stable, alive, and regenerating. The doubling of fast healing ceases. The original creature is now dead, crushed by their own expanding organs and flesh, leaving an abomination in its wake. Its final form is often difficult to get rid of, as it has a fast healing greater than its maximum hp total.

For all the horror this curse of a disease carries, immunity to disease does prevent this fate and immunity to ability damage removes any fast healing one would have gained. For those immune to disease, they instead take 1d10 points of Con damage on a failed save, with no further effect. A successful save negates this damage. In addition, remove disease does not cure it, but rather delays it for 24 hours. Only a remove disease spell followed by a heal spell (or vice versa) will do, or the effect of limited wish or greater effects.

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