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Author: Leziad (talk)
Date Created: 5th February 2015
Status: 1000th
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Idylean Monitor
Size/Type: Macro-Small Outsider (Augmented Construct)
Hit Dice: 50d10+7390 (7890 (2000 Shield) hp)
Initiative: +5
Speed: Flight 20,000 feet (Perfect)
Armor Class: 80 (10 Base, -256 Size, +5 Dexterity, +196 Natural, +25 Deflection), touch -226, flat-footed 75
Base Attack/Grapple: +50/+156
Attack: Slam +60 (10d8+105 17-20/x3)
Full Attack: 2 Slam +60 (10d8+105 17-20/x3)
Space/Reach: 960 ft./960 ft.
Special Attacks: Boomtube Generator, Crush, Energy Projection, Etheric Reactor, Omega Force
Special Qualities: Alacrity, DR 50/-, Hyperphasic Nature, Ideal Build, Invulnerable Stance, Perfect Construct, SR 70, Shield, Supreme Foresight
Saves: Fort +75, Ref +35, Will +45
Abilities: Str 150, Dex 20, Con 100, Int 40, Wis 40, Cha 34
Skills: See Ideal Build
Feats: See Ideal Build
Environment: Doomed Planet or Promethean Wall
Organization: Vanguard (1 Idylean Monitor) or Host (6 Idylean Monitors and 9 Proteum Golems attendants)
Challenge Rating: 35
Treasure: None
Alignment: True Neutral
Advancement: None
Level Adjustment: N/A

Our adventure in the parish. Rachael's death. The birth of your son. Talaan reunion with his father. Our lives. Our struggles. All of it was in vain.

In the multiverse very few beings can compare themselves to the Idylean Monitor, standing a towering 2700 feet tall these armored creatures are the creation of the Idylean during a more troubled time. Each monitor look like a giant humanoid figure, completely armored in brightly colored armor, part construct part alive these giants are the result of Idylean living technology. The monitors have one solemn duty, monitoring the multiverse in the stead of the Gods, erasing any threat that would destabilize it. Sadly these emotionless, cold calculating being prefer to destroy the problems before it even present itself, wiping out whole entire planets to avoid a future threat.

Idylean Monitors are beings of immense power, made of Source and encased in a proteum-vibrolithe armor. They are nigh invincible machines meant to take out Gods, Elder Evils and even primal being in high enough numbers. Luckily for mortals most of the monitors were sealed by their own creators to prevent further harm... however should they be released...


Idylean Monitors care not about the pesky little ants, they will attempt to accomplish their duty no matter any mortal attempt to interrupt them. They will only pay attention to threat if they either: Mount a probable attempt at breaching the monitor's defense in which case it will utterly destroy them with no mercy or if they actually manage to pierce it defense, in which case it will attempt to destroy them as fast as possible with no mercy.

Alacrity (Ex): A Idylean Monitor possess a integrated partially completed mother cube, the ultimate technology. This extremely fast processing allow them to take two additional standard or move action per round.

Boomtube Generator (Ex): As a full-round action an Idylean monitor can open a boom tube to anywhere in the universe (including any planes). The sonic boom of their macro-small boomtube is the equivalent of a megaton spell (that deal only sonic damage).

Crush (Ex): If an idylean Monitor hit a colossal or smaller creature with one of it small attack it may attempt an immediate grapple check. Each round a creature is grappled by an Idylean Monitor it take 4 time it slam damage automatically at the start of it turn as it being compressed like a lemon.

Energy Projection (Ex): As a standard action a Idylean Monitor can unleash a wave of pure Source energy from it hands or it eyes, either as a 10 mile long 300-wide line or as a 1 mile cone (chosen when the ability is used). All creature caught take 50d6 typeless damage, objects take maximum damage and their hardness is ignored. Once this ability is used an Idylean Monitor must wait 1 round before using it again.

Etheric Reactor (Su): A Idylean Monitor possess a powerful etheric reactor with 100 charges, it may spend a number of charge as standard action to replicate the effect of a single spell on the cleric, druid or sorcerer/wizard list with the exception of wish or miracle. The number of charge it must spend must be equal to the spell level of the spell it wish to replicate. An Idylena Monitor recover one charge per round, but never past 100. The caster level of it spells is 35 and the DCs are charisma-based.

Death Throes (Ex): When an Idylean Monitor is destroyed it unleash all of the Source power contained within it armor, it explode as an megaton but it range is multiplied by ten and the damage is purely magical. In it wake it leave a colossal singularity that lose one size category every hour until it vanish.

Godbane (Ex): An Idylean Monitor is capable of permanently killing Idylean Young Gods with all their attacks that deal damage (triggering their death-throe).

Hyperphasic Nature (Ex): Due to the way they are built and the energy making them, the Idylean Monitors are immune to physics. They can pass through any mundane barriers and are not subjected to the normal laws of physics. They are immune to any attacks made with a mundane weapon or mundane hazard, by example they could exist next to a black hole with no harm coming to them or pass through a star without a scratch. This does not provide any protection against magical weapons, spells, supernatural effect of Idylean technology.

Ideal Build (Ex): Idylean Monitors are built with one task in mind, they do not receive feats or skills. However they receive an additional an additional 5000 hit point and can use all skills untrained.

Invulnerable Stance (Ex): An Idylean Monitor is immune to any attacks, spells or abilities as long as it stay in it invulnerable stance, although one can still 'damage' it. In order to destabilize it one must deplete it shield, then deal 500 damage to it in a single round. Any hit that deal less than 100 damage do not count toward that limit and are merely ignored.

Once destabilized the Idylean monitor will become vulnerable to damage, spells and abilities as normal. It will stay vulnerable for 5 round before resuming it invulnerable stance.

There are alternate ways to make a Idylean Monitor drop from it invulnerable stance, such as when it is using it 'Omega Force' ability. If a Idylean Monitor is exposed to the death throe of a Idylean Young God or struck by nitrion it immediately drop out of it invulnerable stance and become vulnerable for 10 round.

Omega Force (Ex): The final act of an Idylean Monitor is the complete annihilation of an offending planet, the process of using the Omega Force take 70 minutes and require 5 standard action every round to concentrate on it. While it charge up it omega force the Idylean Monitor forgo it invulnerable stance, making it extremely vulnerable.

If the building of the Omega Force is interrupted the process is entirely wasted and must be done from the beginning, additionally for each minute the Idylean Monitor was successful charging the Idylean Monitor 100 damages and become unable to use it Omega Force or Energy Projection ability for 1 hour.

However if the Omega Force is fully charged it is immediately fired, typically on the offending planet. The Omega Force will spread like a wave of negation spreading over the entire planet it is fired on at the alarming speed of mach 10. At this point very little can save the doomed world and the best to do is attempting a last minute evacuation.

Perfect Construct (Ex): An idylean Monitor count as a construct when it would be advantageous for it, this include higher hit dice, immunities, bonus hit points and etc. Idylean Monitors always receive full hit point per hit dice.

Shield (Ex): An Idylean Monitor possess a shield with a strength of 40, a hardness of 50 and a slow recharge rate.

Supreme Foresight (Ex): An Idylean monitor is constantly under the effect of foresight and true seeing both with a caster level of 50 and a range of 10 mile. It will use both of these abilities to their logical extend and will analyze any possible threat to it existence and mission.

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