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  • 163 AS: The feudal tribes of Denes-Thail begin skirmishes against one another .
  • 165 AS: The scholar Fenist, after wandering for an alleged two hundred days, discovers that the desert is cut off from the rest of the world. He spends the next six years visiting with dama in an attempt to spread this knowledge.
  • 172 AS: Disciples of Fenist embark on a journey of peace from the ancestral land of Gulu, across the volcanic mountains of Yelinique to the savage land of Tunia. Chief Tasl unites the tribes of Ghel, Thren and Torus under his banner.
  • 184 AS: The first king, Tasl settles his people into an oasis, using prisoners of resistant tribes to build a city from sandstone. Tunia begins raids during the construction.
  • 214 AS: Run out of resources and facing famine, King Ralex of Tasloin sends his finest warriors and dama into the caves of the Aswen. Those who returned brought fungus and water, which would turn bring an end to the hungry rebellion that plagued Gulu.
  • 217 AS: The Yelinique erupts, destroying villages and darkening the sky.
  • 218 AS: Desperate King Ralex makes a deal with the dama, giving them control of Tasloin. In return, the dama use their powers to clear the skies, although the land is still tainted.
  • 242 AS: The age of the Daman-tuil begins, marking a period of new innovations in true name magic.
  • 589 AS: A young daman-tuil named Zhe’jern demonstrates the first use of a strange new form of name magic, tearing a gouge in the desert and creating a lake several miles wide.
  • 590 AS: Daman-tuil Frekres founds the city of Telon the shores of the Sea of Zh’jern.
  • 612 AS: Plague sweeps through the farmlands of the Sea of Zhe’jern. Diplomats are sent to Tunia.
  • 613 AS: The Council of Tongues meets with King Ulosk of Low Tunia, forging a treaty to aid in overthrowing the Therie, powerful human-eating lamias of High Tunia.
  • 628 AS: The First Sun War ends, with victory going to Low Tunia and Gulu. The Therie of High Tunia retreat into the Yelinique.
  • 630 AS: With new trade routes to Tunia established, the Council of Tongues doubles in size, as does the population of Gulu.
  • 637 AS: Rumors of Therie infiltrators in Telon cause a nationwide panic, as a result trade is halted with Tunia for several months.
  • 638 AS: The Daman-tuil Zhe’jern dies during an experiment with manipulating windstorms across the Dhenus.
  • 640 AS: Therie sightings on the Gulu side of Yelinique force the Daman-tuil to mobilize soldiers to the mountains, with little success.
  • 643 AS: After three years of skirmishes, the Daman-tuil declare war on the Therie, but the lamias use highly effective guerilla tactics to defend their new home. Unease in Tunia causes tension towards the neighboring nation.
  • 644 AS: Directly after Gulu claims victory against the Therie, Tunia launches a devastating attack against Telon; the Council of Tongues realizes a new need to be able to predict attacks, turning to the Daman-tuil Tyges for his fortelling ability.
  • 651 AS: Gulan troops finish building Aret-Tern, a war fortress at the Tunian base of Yelinique. Later that year, Therie headhunters massacre the population.
  • 652 AS: Tunia lays siege to Telon. The Daman-tuil attempt to smuggle supplies in, but a traitor causes the death of six members.
  • 653 AS: Telon surrenders to Tunia. King Jaran of Tunia declares a bounty on all Daman-tuil.
  • 659 AS: The skies above the Sea of Zhe’jern turn to fire, killing thousands of Tunians and Gulans indiscriminately. The King dies in the massacre, but two of his sons live to return to Tunia. The last three Daman-tuil: Kera, Uloines and Tekre, take control of the remaining population in an attempt to heal the land.
  • 660 AS: As Tunia dissolves under the yoke of Jaran’s sons, gangs of bandits roam the land in search of food, destroying towns and villages.
  • 668 AS: The heirs to the throne kill each other in a duel in a small village near Low Tunia. The last of Tunia’s armies disintegrate.
  • 670 AS: In a coupe lead by Tunian dissidents, Kera, Tekre and their apprentices are captured and executed. Uloines disappears.
  • 694 AS: From the ruins of Gulu a new ruler emerges. Taking the title of a Tunian war commander, General Pugal seizes a broken Telon. Pugal renames his new territory Delgrim.
  • 696 AS: Pugal elevates his six highest officers to control areas of Delgrim. These new barons are given a sixth of Delgrim each to control.
  • 697 AS: Pugal begins his campaign to conquer Tunia. Tunians find themselves outnumbered and outmatched by the heavily armed Delgrimin.
  • 703 AS: A strange sorceress appears in Gulu, preaching an end to Pugal’s tyranny. Armed with powers stronger than even the Daman-tuil, hundreds (even Pugal’s barons) flock to the banner of the Lion Queen.
  • 704 AS: Even with her vast magical might and her formidable army, the Lion Queen’s forces were decimated. For the next nine years, her soldiers began terrorist attacks against Delgrim civilians and soldiers alike.
  • 705 AS: Ruins are discovers in the caverns beneath Zhe’jern.
  • 706 AS: Pugal pulls out of Tunia.
  • 613 AS: The Lion Queen assassinates Pugal in his bedroom. The next day, she publicly declares herself ruler of Delgrim.
  • 614 AS: Continuing Pugal’s legacy, the Lion Queen sends troops and war slaves into Tunia; the war following the next two centuries her armies slaughter hundreds of thousands.
  • 659 AS: Child Alam founds the first Union Church in Lern.
  • 806 AS: After squashing the last known Tunian insurgents, the Lion Queen holds an address in Telon, her forces bear witness as she declares a new shard-wide nation: Palance.
  • 809 AS: Several of the Lion Queens councilors move to the city of Feranith to study the ways of magic.
  • 810 AS: Renovations begin to reinforce the royal palace begin.
  • 821 AS: The Palantium Civil Code is written in response to dozens of fanatical cults worshipping the secretive Lion Queen. The Code gives police the authority to execute those who commit acts of treason or heresy against state and church.
  • 822 AS: The palace is built larger to house the new Union church, who establish a foothold to council the Queen.
  • 823 AS: Drought plagues Weil Delgrim (formerly the Sea of Zhe’jern).
  • 824 AS: A troubled Queen retreats into her palace to contemplate. She delegates command to her barons, who in turn command her generals.
  • 827 AS: Several murders in Feranith cause suspicion that the mages are controlling residents. Founding of Yul.
  • 828 AS: The murder of an Imperial official in Lern causes a mob to advance on Feranith. The mages flee to Telon.
  • 994 AS: The displaced mages of Feranith demand a public forum in Palance. The founding of Karcere begins.
  • 1603 AS: Baron Eron Keilere founds the Knights-Imperium.
  • 2993 AS: The mage Verin Toretaal invents the arcanos velaque, a massive magical engine that propels ships without the need of wind. The engine is mounted on the merchant galleon Reprise. The galleon enters the void, but all hands are lost due to a lack of life preserving magic.
  • 2994 AS: Teranil, a heavily warded warship is launched into the void. Captain Tylen Argonith discovers the first shard, which he names Argonis Lycar.
  • 2997 AS: Sir Takas Muul establishes a truce with Amurali, goddess of Helsinsid. With a new base, shard exploration explodes-with ships being sent out daily.
  • 3242 AS: Imperial colony established on Sayatai.
  • 3255 AS: The fall of Enumpera after the Union declared worship of Amurali heresy.
  • 3258 AS: Imperial forces clash with Sayatamese barbarians; the natives slaughter hundreds and capture the Empire’s ships.
  • 3477 AS: Imperial Scholar Ignuil Fatherat II convinces the Yuirefolk-centaurs native to Rhaeddia, to join the Empire. Chief Stagtear and seven hundred centaur warriors from nine different shards arrive on Palantium.
  • 3478 AS: Palantium cringes in horror as tales of Secuthui brutality circulate. The Navy swells as hundreds join to fight the raptorans. Baron Lorné Argonith renounces his knightship amid a fierce battle between two Imperial Firestaves and the Il'noa of Helsinsid.

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The Palantium Empire care only for the good of it's citizens, and we think everyone should share the good and fair life of the Empire.
—Potentate Kaemes Abbas, Supreme ruler of the Palantium empire
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