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Author: Azzdan (talk)
Date Created: 3/4/2017
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Meta Spellfire is a spellfire path of the Spellfire Wielder class.


Create Whirl Flames at 10th

These spinning balls of flame as big as the caster’s head remain behind (lasting 1 day per spellfire level of their creator or until all its Spellfire is released.) after the wielder has left the area or even the plane. this time can be extend anytime the creator comes into contact with it. Whirl flames can drain any magic that comes into contact with them or release Spellfire at any thing that contacts them—. Whirl flames that come into contact with magic absorbs it as a Spellfire user and adds it to the total amount of energy stored. A person who comes into contact with a whirl flame is hit by 1d4+1 levels of Spellfire that deal 1d6 per level. At this level the created whirl flame is stationary and can not be moved. Nonliving objects do not cause a whirl flame to discharge but will melt or burn up the object. Spellfire never creates smoke when it melts things, but smoke can be produce from flammable objects that it sets alight but does not entirely consume. the creator of the whirl flame can reabsorb when in contact with the whirl flame regain any levels of Spellfire it has left. A whirl flame can be set with up to 2 tasks when it is created. A task can be to give of heat to warm the room or to be hot enough to cook food but not discharge, or discharge all at once when someone contacts it. A wielder can have one whirl flame plus Charisma bonus in existence at a time. 

Drain life at 11th

The Spellfire wielder is able to drain life energy from living creatures by direct touch. A successful attack roll is required, and a saving throw is allowed to withstand the draining attempt; if it fails, the Spellfire wielder takes away one experience level or Hit Die from the being, and gains 10 spell levels of Spellfire energy. If an opponent is killed this way a 4 round crown of fire begins. Note that using this ability on a being that is not freely consenting to donate life energy may be an evil act in many circumstances. user gains 1 additional whirl flame able to be in existence. 

Linked Whirl flame at 12th

The wielder can create whirl flames that are linked to the creator. A linked Whril flame can be set so that magical energy drained by a whirl flame can be instantly transferred into the Spellfire wielder as stored Spellfire energy. The Spellfire wielder can now will a linked whirl fire to move up to 10ft a round 

Improved Drain life at 13th

An attack roll is still required, but victims (unless themselves able to employ Spellfire) are not allowed a saving throw to prevent the draining. User gains 1 additional whirl flame able to be in existence. 

Spellfire Flash at 14th

The Spellfire wielder can alter the light intensity of Spellfire from almost invisible (87% undetectable in darkness and 97% undetectable under average sunlit conditions) to blinding. (con save to prevent its effect— when used on or near creatures that see by means of eyes). Creatures get a saving throw to end this blinding effect at the end of every day. Also, creatures that use gaze attacks— such as basilisks, and beholders, lose the use of these eye-related powers for the same length of time as they are blinded. Creatures may be cured of this blindness by a cure blindness or deafness, heal, or regenerate spell. 

Improved link at 15th

A spellfire wielder gains the ability to control energy transferred from remotely located whirlflames, so that she or he can call on them at will or store energy to them remotely. linked Whril flames will last forever unless discharged completely or drained by the caster. linked whirl flames now draw 1d3 spellfire levels from the weave daily(double if in aa high magic zone) user gains 1 additional whirl flame able to be in existence. 

Spell Boost 16th

a wielder gains the power to boost spells that the wielder casts or if in contact with a spell caster. Duration can be extended by 1d3 timeframe of spell per spell level of Spellfire and damage can be augmented by one die(that is determined by the spell) per spellfire spell level. No other activity can be undertaken while this spellfire use is being performed. 

Teleport at 17th

a spellfire user willing to do nothing else during the round can also choose to teleport without error to the vicinity of any one of his or her linked whirlflames at a cost of four spell levels of spellfire energy. user gains 1 additional whirl flame able to be in existence. 

Improved teleport at 18th

A spellfire wielder becomes able to take along other creatures when teleporting , which must still be to linked whirl flame. All creatures touching the wielder are transported along with all worn or carried items at a cost of four spell energy levels per being. If this cost exceeds the spellfire wielders stored energy, a randomly chosen being is left behind. 

meteor swarms at 19th

The wielder gains the ability to create meteor swarms by means of spellfire discharge. Each swarm costs nine spell levels. user gains 1 additional whirl flame able to be in existence. 

Spellfire Elemental at 20th

Spellfire wielder can transform into a Spellfire elemental, user must use at least 15 Spellfire levels to transform. when user transforms the power of the weave is unleashed the user gains a fire form as a fire elemental, 50 temp hp and the effects of a crown of fire. all magical items within 5 feet of elemental are completely drained(not including the items the Spellfire user was wearing or holding. the user also has an unlimited Spellfire pool the amount of Spellfire that can be unleash per round is still limited by the users constitution. the transformation lasts for 10 round plus the users con and cha bonus. at the end of the time the user is left completely drained of Spellfire levels(not counting those in whirl flames or held in reserve)and unable to use Spellfire until a short rest has been completed

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