Metabreath (3.5e Feat Type)

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Metamagic for breath weapon!  

Metabreath Feats

Feat Summary Prerequisites Balance Point
Disciple of Tiamat You can channel the breath weapon of Tiamat. Dragonblood Subtype or Dragon Type, Evil Alignment High
Improved Shape Breath Exempt some of your allies from your breath weapon's effects. Breath Weapon, Con 15+, Shape Breath (or equivalent ability) High
Inexorable Breath Your breath is extremely difficult to avoid or resist breath weapon which requires a saving throw, Con 17+, any two metabreath feats High
Plasma Cutter Breath Your fire breath turns into a thin cutting beam of destruction. Breath Weapon (fire), Con 17 Very High
Termination Shock Breath A line or cone striking a flat surface forms a circular shockwave along the ground. Breath Weapon High
Tracing Breath A line carves a pattern on the ground, which then explodes. Breath Weapon (line) High

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