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Author: Tarkisflux (talk)
Date Created: 11 February, 2013
Status: Pending
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Middling Spellcaster [General] Those who study magic full time would consider you a beginner spellcaster.Prerequisites: Character level 12, Novice SpellcasterBenefit: You append the following table to the spellcasting progression granted by the Spellcasting Dabbler feat, as well as the spells below from the path you selected with the Spellcasting Dabbler feat.

Table: Spellcasting Advancement
Level Spells per Day
0th 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
12th 5 2 1 0
13th 5 2 1 0
14th 5 3 2 1

If you advance beyond 14th level in spellcasting ability, you remain limited to 14th level spellcasting until you select a feat that allows you to progress farther. Your caster level is equal to your total levels in classes that do not grant spellcasting, but is similarly capped at a maximum of 14 until you select a feat that allows further progress.

When you gain this feat, you learn 2 3rd level spells from the list selected originally. You may learn additional spells off of your list from spell books or scrolls, as a wizard would. Special: This feat otherwise functions as an extension of Spellcasting Dabbler, and suffers from all limitations and benefits of the base feat.

Spellcasting Lists[edit]



Level 3: daylight, dominate animal, neutralize poison, protection from energy, snare, stone shape

Natural Wonders[edit]


Level 3: call lightning, diminish plants, greater magic fang, plant growth, sleet storm, spike growth

Divine Guidance and Restoration[edit]


Level 3: cure serious wounds, helping hand, locate object, remove blindness/deafness, remove disease, remove curse

Divine Might and Protection[edit]


Level 3: glyph of warding, greater magic weapon, magic vestment, magic circle against from chaos / evil / good / law, prayer, searing light

Arcane Elementalism[edit]


Level 3: acid breathSpC, flame arrow, hailstonesSpC, lightning bolt, protection from energy, shatterfloorSpC,

Utility Arcanist[edit]


Level 3: arcane sight, dispel magic, gaseous form, nondetection, tiny hut, tongues

High Balance Option[edit]

In high balance games, selecting this feat also grants the intermediate spellcaster feat.

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