Motskalla's Entangled Space (3.5e Spell)

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Author: Sulacu (talk)
Date Created: May 8th, 2013
Status: Completed
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Motskalla's Entangled Space
Conjuration (Teleportation)
Level: Wizard 8
Components: V, S, F, XP
Casting time: 7 days (8 hours/day) or 8 hours (read text)
Range: Touch
Target or Effect: One entangled space behind a touched door
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

Often called 'Room of Doors Magic' by her peers in arcane science, this spell is the crowning achievement of the famed theurge and theoretical arcane physicist Motskalla Sarcus's studies into the theoretical science of Spatial Entanglement. Now proven as a functional science and thoroughly field-tested by the spell's inventor, these door-filled spaces are a unique and radically different method of safe instantaneous travel that can lead to many fixed places in the Prime.

Before starting the casting of this spell, you draw a complex five part arcane inscription on a flat vertical surface - preferably a wall - in the material plane. This process requires 8 hours and carries a cost in fine arcane materials worth 2,000 gp. The inscription is called a foundation sigil, is invisible to any non-magical senses, and resists all forms of ordinary dispelling. A foundation sigil can be destroyed only by the following means: mage's disjunction, a rod of cancellation, or destroying the surface the sigil is on while it is being suppressed by an antimagic field. Both the linked door and the 10-by-10-foot surface surrounding it are effectively indestructible by mortal means while the foundation sigil is in effect.

Using your foundation sigil as a focus, you create a singular multi-dimensional space. Over the course of a 7 day ritual, this space is shaped into a closed room and projected onto a mathematically compact area within regular, three-dimensional space using incredibly complex arcane pictograms and formulas inscribed within the fabrics of reality that comprise the space. In layman's terms, it creates an entangled space, a place that is 'everywhere and nowhere' in the material plane at once, and that can be normally traversed by three-dimensional beings. However, while the entangled space can overlap with any location on the material plane, it must be properly linked to a particular point on the material plane to allow travel to and from the space. Once the casting is complete, the surface containing your foundation sigil will conjure a linked door that allows you to enter the space.

The entangled space may be fashioned in any shape desired by the caster, though it may not be more than 1 10-foot cube or 8 5-foot cubes per caster level in size. The ceiling must be at least 10 feet high. When the casting ritual is complete, the entangled space is bare and featureless. Any desired furnishings and architecture, such as walls, floors, stairs, carpets and furniture, have to be brought in or created magically afterwards. The boundaries of the entangled space cannot be harmed by any usual physical or magical means. An entangled shape may be freely reshaped within the above limits, requiring a prepared instance of the spell and 8 hours of time. This might have consequences for any architecture currently present inside.

An entangled space may have up to 1 door inside it per caster level of its creator at any time. These doors can all be linked to a corresponding location in the material plane. To link an additional location, you simply place a foundation sigil there, requiring the same amount of time and resources as the first one. Like the first time, a door will appear on the surface to connect to the door in the entangled space.

Security Options[edit]

The basic entangled space as described above can be entered by anyone freely, though many secretive spellcasters may prefer restricting access to their personalized travel hub. To this end, it is possible to restrict linked door access with a special key called a link key.

A link key is a wondrous item that costs 2,500 gp and 200 XP to create. A link key has no tumblers and might not even be a key. Some link keys take the shape of keycards, and others have a different shape altogether. An array of 5 glyphs on the key is made to correspond with the foundation sigil inscription instead. Link keys can be set to open any door linked to its entangling space, called universal link keys, or they can be keyed in to only a single door.

No item creation feat is needed to make a link key, but the physical object itself must be obtained and inscribed somehow. This spell and the dimension door spell are needed to finalize the creation of the key.

A linked door will only open to the entangled space if the correct link key is used. The linked door will otherwise resist any attempts to open it without being unlocked by such a key.

A dimensional anchor spell cast on a linked door, or a dimensional lock in the area prevents it from opening up to the entangled space. In an area of antimagic, the door itself disappears.

Material Component: Arcane inscription tools worth 2,000 gp (for creating a foundation sigil)

Focus: A flat vertical surface in the material plane.

XP Cost: 3,000 (for creating the space only).

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