Mystical Expanse (3.5e Feat)

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Author: IGTN (talk)
Date Created: 2010
Status: Essentially complete
Editing: Mechanical changes on talk, please
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Mystical Expanse [Spellcasting] Your magic can cover a truly vast area. Benefits: This is a spellcasting feat that scales with the highest-level spell slot you have.

  • 0: Your caster level is considered four higher than it actually is for purposes of determining spell ranges.
  • 1: By increasing the level of a spell by one, you can double its range. By increasing the level of a spell by two, you may increase its range category one step on the following list: touch -> close -> medium -> long. Touch spells still require a touch attack, and the ranged touch attack they provide cannot be retried as it can for a melee touch spell. These two powers can be applied consecutively. Spells with a doubled long range do not count as having longer-than-long range for purposes of obstruction by continuous material.
  • 3: By increasing the level of a spell by one, you can double one dimension that contributes to its area. You may apply this multiple times to the same spell for orthogonal dimensions. If two or all dimensions are equivalent or related on a spell (such as the radius of a cylinder or sphere, or the widest horizontal width, vertical width, and length of a cone), you must apply this to both dimensions or none of them. Applying this feat to a cone or line also increases its range. A spell with an area defined in terms of 10' cubes has four orthogonal dimensions, three of which are equivalent (cube edge lengths), and one which isn't (number of cubes).
  • 6: You may apply the benefits of this feat to a spell without increasing its level a number of times per day equal to twice the highest level of spell you can cast. Using a benefit of this feat that requires an increase of multiple levels costs the same number of uses. Keep track of a separate pool of uses for each class that can cast 6th level spells.
  • 9: You gain one "free" use of the level 6 ability of this feat for each spell you cast. That use may only be applied to the spell that provides it.

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