Plane of Life (3.5e Sourcebook)/The Plane

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The plane of positive energy is a strange place, with constantly shifting energy flows.

Planar Energy[edit]

The energy level of the plane varies over time. Imagine a circular series of peaks and troughs, centered around the Life Nexus and constantly expanding outward at 1 mile per minute. It switches between minor positive-dominant and major positive-dominant every 6 hours.

GM note: For most purposes, you can just switch the energy level near the PC's every 6 hours. It will be close enough.

Planar Topology[edit]

Divide the plane into a 2 dimensional grid, with square cells 3 miles by 3 miles in size. The dimension being left out is the one defined as up-down. Lumière takes up a square of 7 cells by 7 cells. Each of Bright and Fallanes take up a square of 5 cells by 5 cells.

The center of each cell contains a 10 foot cube of white stone. These cubes can not be moved or damaged.

Planar Phenomenon[edit]

Despite its mostly empty nature, the plane does have some interesting things that occur. Every hour on the plane, roll a d20 on the following chart.

d20 Phenomenon
1-2 Positive Surge
3-4 Energy Storm
5 Sustaining Flood
6-7 Crystal Spark
8-9 Mote Swarm
10-20 Nothing

Positive Surge: All creatures within two randomly chosen cells gain 10 temporary hit points. These hit points last for 1 hour. A bright flash of white indicates the appearance of this effect.

Energy Storm: A storm of energy leaking from other inner planes causes some damage. All creatures and objects within a randomly chosen cell take 1d6 damage of each of the following energy types: fire, cold, acid and sonic. Bright flashes of red, blue, grey and brown indicate the appearance of this effect. Locations sheltered by planar anchors suppress this effect, but not the colors.

Sustaining Flood: All creatures within two randomly chosen cells are filled with a sustaining energy. If creatures so effected need to eat, they don't need to for the next 24 hours.

Crystal Spark: A large auracrystal deposit appears in a randomly chosen cell. The deposit contains 5d20 pounds of auracrystal. The deposit fades away in 1d4 hours, if not collected before this time is up.

Mote Swarm: 1d10+5 motes appear in each of two randomly chosen cells.

(DM tip: when picking a random cell, choose a cell near the players. The 10-20 result represents nothing happening where the players can see it.)

Random Encounters[edit]

While exploring the plane of positive energy, you may cross paths with others out there. Once every 100 cells traveled, roll on the following chart:

Roll 1d10 if the average ECL of the party is 10 or less. Roll 1d20 otherwise.

Result Encounter
1-2 1d10+5 motes
3-4 1d3+1 medium positive energy elementals
5-7 1d4+1 Noctuam
8-9 Nothing
10 1d4+1 Lucerna bandits (rogue 6-7)
11-12 Anguis
13-14 2d3+3 large positive energy elementals
15-17 1d4+1 Lucerna bandits (rogue 12-14)
18-19 Nothing
20 2 Anguis